Friday, January 15, 2010

15 Going on 16

In Kindergarten the twins have these sight words lists which are to be learned at home. They get 1 list at a time and each list has 10 words on it. The first few weeks took awhile for the words to sink in, but lately Tom has been some sort of memorizing machine. It takes him about 2 minutes to learn all 10 words. Basically I give him a chance to figure it out, and if he doesn't get it, I tell him what it is, just once, and then he commits it to memory. Sounds simple if you're an adult, but for a 5 year old that doesn't know how to read yet, it's pretty amazing!

He turned in list 15 this morning. That means he's committed 150 sight words (common first reading words) to memory. He came home with list 16 tonight and he already knows them all. Too bad we have a 3 day weekend. He's not going to get the next list until Tuesday.

Not all the Kindergarteners are like this. The goal is to learn 50 words by the end of June. Abby has already passed that mark as well. Now if only I could get them not to cheat in class......

This is an actual conversation Tom had with me after school yesterday, except the names have been replaced with letters.

Tom: "I know why Ms. W moved C to a new spot."
Me: "Why?"
Tom: "Because he was copying off J."
Me: "You know you're not supposed to copy, right?"
Tom: "Yeah, I know, Ms. W didn't move me because I copy off R."
Me: "No! You're not supposed to copy off R or anybody!"
Tom: "But Ms. W didn't move me to a new seat."
Me: "You never copy on exams, do you?"
Tom: "No."
Me: "OK, good. But you know, you should never copy because you should always do your own work."
Tom: "But R told me it was ok to copy."
Me: "No, it's never ok to copy in school."


And that was the extent of our lesson for the day.


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The Mantha Family said...

At least he is honest about it, right?