Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Tom and Abby discuss Santa on Christmas eve. They also talk about gifts they'd like to receive tomorrow and show off their new PJs! They went to bed at 8pm on the dot and I have not heard a peep from them. Now why can't I get them to do this on a school night?

In this second video Tom and Abby are getting the carrots, milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. Notice how Tom insists on carrying the Santa plate and Santa cup. He's such a stinker!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movie Night!

Tom and Abby were quite busy Friday afternoon. I heard them giggling and plotting in the living room with squeals of joy. They had decided to ask me if they could have movie night since it was the first night of winter break. They took their bath early, right after dinner and settled down sometime around 6:30 for "A Charlie Brown Christmas." They watched a couple more short shows and then it was off to their bedroom at 8pm. They laid on blankets, sat up against pillows, ate popcorn. They had so much fun! They love movie night because normally they don't watch TV that late in the day. It's a big special occasion for them!

Here are the twins enjoying their movie!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abby Lost Her First Tooth!

I think it was only yesterday that Abby declared she had a wiggly tooth. Heck, it was only two days before that when she told us she felt her grown up teeth coming in behind her baby teeth on the bottom. Then all of the sudden one tooth was wiggly and today it is out! She was so proud of herself. She said she was sitting at circle time on the carpet and she felt it wiggle with her tongue and it came out! She said she held onto it and put it in her pocket when she had to do activities with her hands. She didn't even tell her teacher! I think Abby tells the story best.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

T Minus 18 Days For the Man in the Red Suit!

Due to a scheduling conflict, we missed Santa at Apple on Saturday, so this is what we got.

The nondenominational winter scene. Abby was crushed. Tom didn't seem to mind. I like this picture the best.

Paul took the twins to see Santa at Downtown Plaza the next day. I stayed home and slept. What mother does that? I'm just so tired. I've been sleeping all night and then again from 9am-noon. I have to get up every day at 8 to do my first of 4 doses of IVs. Hopefully this will all end on Thursday. Maybe just in time for me to catch the virus Tom seems to have. You know, the fever, stuffy nose and cough kind. Yeah, exactly what got me into this predicament 4.5 weeks ago. But then again, it is the season of miracles and maybe I'll get lucky and this new virus will pass me by. I can hope!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

T-28 Days Christmas Countdown Is On!

Where has the month of November gone? The twins have been home all month and they have had several play dates with neighbors and other friends. They also had their first two sleepovers this month!

We had a busy day today. Paul drug the christmas tree out from the garage and we set to work! The twins put all the ornaments on, and I traveled right behind them moving them to more appropriate branches. It's funny they way they hang ornaments. Half the time they fall right off the tree because they've been hung on the tip of the branch. I also wanted the ornaments somewhat evenly spread, and this is not the twins' forte. They tend to clump at about twin level and I wanted ornaments on the sides and top as well. I don't even think they noticed I moved 90% of the ornaments they put on. Maybe they'll notice next year.

Tomorrow the twins go back to school. It will be interesting because I'm still on IVs which is making me really tired. I was getting horrible headaches from one of the drugs, but figured out if I infuse it slower (which is a pain to do) I'm still able to take it. I'm on 4 antibiotics right now, three of which I get to juggle as the twins are getting out of school.

Friday, November 12, 2010

North Carolina

We gave the mother-in-law a fabulous birthday present this year. She had the honor of watching the twins for 4 days while Paul and I attended my cousins wedding in North Carolina. We should probably make that up to her at some point. Many apologies, Jean!

As the kids celebrated Oma's birthday (by being spoiled and taken out for meals and toys and books and play dates at the park) Paul and I got to wine and dine and visit with a side of my family we hadn't seen in years. We saw my dad's two brothers, Bob and John. The night before the wedding the bride took us out for drinks and dinner. Uncle John waved me over to Uncle Bob's table and Uncle Bob just looked at me and asked, "Who are you?" I explained I was Tara, Jerry's daughter. Then he says, "Oh, you have the twins, Tom and Abby!" He has a digital picture frame loaded with pictures of relatives and captions, so he knows my kids very well. It's been 6 years since I had seen him and he is 85 years old. I don't blame him for not recognizing me!

The trip started off with a bang though, when I lost my wallet at the Sacramento airport. I rushed to buy a bottle of water before jumping in line to pre-board the plane and that's the last time I saw my wallet. I either put it down in the airport, or I got pick pocketed or I left it on the plane, or it fell out of my backpack. Who knows! It is gone and I have had the my plane tracked and called all the airports lost and founds... it's not coming back.

The expensive part is I had pulled out $100 cash the day before, just to have some spending money in the airports during my trip. I didn't even realize the wallet was gone until I got to the hotel in North Carolina at the end of the day because my mom had treated me to lunch in Dallas. The most excellent part is no one used any of my credit cards so I'm sure my wallet is lying in the dumpster somewhere and John Doe is buying lots of expensive souvenirs on my dime.

The wedding was gorgeous, but a bit chilly for us Californians. The small amount of rain stopped right before the ceremony and there were plenty of heaters in the pavilion. I am glad I did have a sweater on my sleeveless dress though. The food was good and the bride was gorgeous. The groom seemed very friendly and we had a great time! After the wedding my family met up at Ruby Tuesday's for drinks and dinner. It was a dry wedding and most everyone wanted to drink, so Ruby Tuesday's was the only choice since it was in the same parking lot as our hotel and no one had to be the DD. It was really great to see some cousins I haven't seen but maybe twice in my whole life. One of them even lives in San Francisco!

There was quite a difference in culture between California and the south, which I wasn't expecting. Everyone is very sweet and chatty and hospitable. We got asked no less than 8 times how our meal was during a quick 30 minute trip on the road at O'Charlies. We stopped for fast food at a random gas station Subway near Charolotte and I think we were there for 30 minutes because the kid behind the counter felt obligated to share his life story with us while (slowly) making two sandwiches. So life is definitely different in the south. BBQ is different. It's very vinegar flavored, not the thick sweet sauce we have in CA. I also tried hush puppies for the first time. They were great appetizers at the bar! I had never even heard of them before.

I did get to bring back one cheap souvenir. I caught a cold on the plane ride home. At least that's the best I can tell, since I started getting sick 48 hours after the plane ride. I can always back track my exposure to 48 hours prior to getting symptoms like clockwork. Right now it's just a head/nose cold. I can handle that except it did make my blood sugar whacky today. All of the sudden I felt extremely nauseous, dizzy and tired. I thought I was getting hit hard with some more symptoms. I decided to check my sugars and it was only 51. I had eaten lunch an hour before. I guess I didn't eat enough carbs. Nothing a little snickers bar couldn't cure. That was after I got over the nausea with some compazine. My life is so glamorous!

HERE are some pictures from the wedding.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Leftover Cupcake

I suppose when you're 6 it makes perfect sense to transport a cupcake IN your lunchbox. *sigh*

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look Who's Biking!

As we were riding home from soccer on Monday I noticed Abby was flying down the street with her training wheels. I just knew it was time! I asked her if she wanted Dad to teach her how to ride her bike this weekend. Well the weekend has arrived and Paul said she didn't need any help! She just needed some help to get going and then stopping too. But I think this is the end of the training wheels!

I hate that you can hear my breathing in this video. I didn't even notice that when I was taking it. And I wasn't doing any of the running! The curse of Cystic Fibrosis.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carroll Elementary Read-A-Thon

Do you remember going to the school library when you were little? Do you remember being excited to check out books and bring them home? I do. And I would love for Tom and Abby to have the same experience.

Because of the lack of funds in the school district one of the positions cut last year was the school librarian at Carroll Elementary. No child at this school has been able to check out a book since March 2010 when the librarian was cut from the staff. It's such a shame for all those brand new books to sit and gather dust for months on end.

Carroll Elementary is determined to do something about this! Next Wednesday, October 6 the entire school is participating in a Read-A-Thon from 8:30am to 10:30am. Tom and Abby are seeking one time pledges to help raise funds for a librarian's salary.

If you think you can help, even just a little bit, please send a check to Tom and Abby this weekend! If you don't have our address, just ask.

Make checks payable to: Carroll Elementary PTA

If snail mail is not your speed, you can choose to send the money directly to our paypal account and we will write the check for you! It's that easy!

Wouldn't it be great if Tom and Abby could each fill in every line on their pledge sheets with you generous donors? If every one of my friends and family on facebook pledged just $5 we would be able to collect over $1,300 for the school! That would be amazing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Cleaning Up the Neighborhood!

Tom is really into picking up trash lately. The other night we went on a family bike ride. He stops in the middle of the street to pick up a discarded McDonald's cup. Guess who got to travel home with it in her bike basket? Remind me to disinfect that tomorrow...

On our way home from school today he collected an empty bottle of transmission fluid, two plastic bottle caps, a disposable straw (that looked like half of it was gnawed off with a chain saw) and a dirty paper napkin. Guess who got to carry all this home? Yours truly.

The kids get "Comet Coupons" during recess for picking up trash on the playground. Their mascot is the Comet and these coupons are awarded to students caught doing good things for the school or for themselves. They also get coupons for running around the 1/4 mile track during recess. Every week a Comet Coupon winner is drawn by the principle and the student gets to pick a prize.

Well this has carried over into our every day life. I think I should start carrying a trash bag with me on the way home from school, you know, like those doggie poop bags you take when you walk the dog. Good times.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Bunk Bed Switch

While the twins were at school on Thursday I slaved away for an hour unmaking and re-making their beds. There is nothing easy about changing bunk beds, especially with 43% lung function. As I gasped away I thought about what Tom was going to say when he got home because not only was I changing the sheets I was switching the bunks! I put Abby's sheets on top, and Tom's on bottom.

Well 2 hours went by after school and neither of them had gone into their room. Abby made it back there first and she came running out to the living room to get Tom. She was giggling so hard it was hard to understand her. She was so excited! She told Tom as they both raced back to the bedroom, "Tom! Tom! You have to see this. This is amazing. She did it! Wow! You have to see this, it's so great!"

Tom got back to the bedroom and ... *silence*. He eventually said over and over, "I do not like this at all." He was very calm about it though. As soon as Dad got home Tom explained he was going to "destroy Abby and Mom for this." He got his nerf gun out and pretended to shoot us. He knows he can't shoot an unwilling participant.

It took them awhile to settle last night for bed time. They were too upset or excited to sleep, I'm not sure. But overall Tom took it better than I thought. It definitely went better than it would have, had he been home during the great sheet switch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Towers of Good Oral Hygiene


Do you think these towers were the product of the twins' imaginations? Or my husbands?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Camping Trip

On Saturday after the soccer game I packed the twins up and sent them on their way with a family Tom met through soccer only just one month ago. They went camping in Yosemite! This was a big weekend because it was their first "sleepover" with friends!

I'm happy to report there was no whining or crying all weekend (until Tom got home, but that's another story.) They came home dirty, tired and hungry on Sunday evening. I think they had a good time!

I didn't get much information but we did hear that they had a camp fire both at night and in the morning, they did some hiking and wading through a river and they didn't run into any bears. Oh and all Tom ate all weekend was pop tarts, which probably had something to do with the two hour screaming fit he had once he got home. He did say, "But they DID have strawberry filling!" That must make the pop tarts healthy. Tom also reported that when Abby got dressed in the morning she put on her jacket, and only her jacket. Why she wasn't wearing a shirt under her jacket, we'll never know. That's about all I'm going to get from two five year olds until I talk to the other parent from the trip I think.

Here's a photo from Saturday night in the tent.

Here they are on Sunday morning on their hike.

As I was washing their jackets and one of their dirty stuffed animals I noticed a loud thumping sound in the dryer. I thought for sure it was the stuffed animal eyes, or the zippers from the jackets, but no, this was more like shoes bouncing around in the dryer. I opened it after a couple minutes to find a rock. Not a pebble, not some sand but a big old ROCK! Mental note: next time, check jacket pockets.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Disappearing Iron Man

Well, I admit, in hindsight it was a mistake.

The twins have a fundraiser coming up next month and their class is putting together a "Littlest Pet Shop" and "SuperHero" raffle basket. Us parents are responsible for filling the baskets. I guess between 75 students they ought to be busting at the seams with toys for the raffle.

I decided to buy 2 super heros for Tom to turn in and two Littlest Pet Shop animals for Abby to turn in. Abby has no problem doing what she's told and she'll let you know when she's jealous of something. Like one day after school she said, "Mom, I saw a girl eating a doughnut after school and I was soooo jealous!" So the next day Paul treated the twins to doughnuts (a rarity around here!)

Tom is not so obvious. I bought him Iron Man and Spiderman figurines to turn in to his class. Well, apparently he doesn't have his very own Iron Man and he slyly let me know it.

I placed the figurines in his backpack and then I found Iron Man on the couch a few minutes later. I didn't think anything of it. I told Tom they were a donation for school and I put it back in his backpack.

Then I found Iron Man on the couch again. I put him back. Then I found him on the kitchen table. I put him back. Then I found him hiding under the glider's ottoman in the living room. I put him back. Then after the twins went to bed I checked the backpack and guess who was missing? Iron Man.

I told Paul all about the disappearing/reappearing Iron Man and asked him to look in the twins room in the morning and put it back in his backpack if he can find it. Well Paul found it stuffed in the back of one of the dresser drawers. He snuck it out, put it in the backpack and off to school they kids went.

When I picked Tom up from school I asked him if he turned in both toys and he said no! That little stinker! He kept the Iron Man for himself. Paul and I decided if Tom wanted to, he could keep the Iron Man if he worked for it. So after school I put him to work vacuuming up dog hair in the living room, in the kitchen, down the hall and in my bedroom. I think it took Tom a solid hour to complete this task. I guess he earned his $5 Iron Man after all.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Abby started dance class yesterday! Over the summer she repeatedly scolded me by saying, "Mom, how am I ever going to be a dance class teacher when I grow up if I don't learn to dance?" So we buckled down and enrolled her in the fall session of "Intro II" which is a tap/ballet combo at Elite Studio of Dance.

There are only 3 other little girls in her class, which I think is great. That means more one on one time with the instructor. I've been told Sandy Gomez is the best tap teacher for little kids in Elk Grove! I hope it's true because by the looks of things yesterday we have a long road to go.

Abby did great following directions. It's so great to see her really enjoying something she is passionate about. She's so passionate that she dances like no one is watching... a little bit like Elaine Benes, if I do say so myself.

At one point the girls were kicking their way across the dance floor. They were all lined up, strutting one leg in front of the other with a high kick. Well, Abby was much faster than the little girl in front of her and she eventually gave her a good kick in the butt. I'm just glad they were wearing ballet slippers and not those tough tap shoes! That's when Abby got moved into her own kicking lane across the stage. *sigh*

August 2010 Update

Tom and Abby started the first grade this month! The older Tom gets the more picky he is with food. The whole first week of school I packed his lunch with the same three items. Fig Newton bar, Wheat Thin crackers and pretzels. I went shopping and decided to change things up for the second week. When I picked him up from school that Monday he rummages through his lunch box on the way home, pulls out the tupperware with the Honey Nut Chex Mix in it and says, "Mom! What is this?!" Maybe he thought I was trying to poison him at school with such things as pretzels, crunchy breadsticks and cereal all mixed together and coated in a yummy honey flavor. He hadn't even tried one bite. He just zipped up his lunch box and mumbled, "You should really warn me next time."

Abby has been in the habit of collecting "magic fairies" outdoors at school and at home. These magic fairies are mostly dandelion seeds floating through the air but occasionally she happens upon a real bird feather. Unbeknownst to me, one day before swimming in the pool, she had captured a magic fairy and placed it on a deck chair. When she was done swimming she came back to look for her magic fairy. To her horror it had flown away in the breeze. She was beside herself and unconsolable for 20 minutes because magic fairies are hard to catch in the first place. Maybe next time she'll bolt it down with a sturdy rock.

For pictures of the twins in August 2010 click here.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis research at UC Davis. With your help we raised a grand total of $4,355. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Week of First Grade

Last Monday was the first day of first grade for Tom and Abby. They are in separate classes this year. I wish I had a wealth of information to tell you about their first week, but if you've ever tried to pry information out of a 5 year old about their day, you'll quickly realize they are not very forthcoming.

I did find out that on the first recess on the first day, Tom went and found Abby and gave her a big hug. What a sweet brother he is.

On the first day I was able to walk them to school because they had a reverse minimum day. Get that? That means they start late and end on time. We went outside to take our annual photos first. They look so big, don't they?

For the rest of the week, and the rest of the year, Paul is taking the twins to school when they start at 8AM. That means, Mommy is a very happy Mommy and she doesn't have nap! She gets to sleep in! They kids have been waking up at 7AM and by the end of the week, we could tell they were getting tired even with our strict bedtime of 8PM.

I hope the rest of the year goes as smooth as the first week.

Just for comparison here are there other First Days.

2009 Kindergarten

2008 Preschool

2007 Preschool

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Vanishing Soccer Ball

About a month ago I purchased all of Tom's goodies for soccer.

Cleats. Check!
Socks. Check!
Shin guards. Check!
Ball. Check!

$75 later were were happy campers, walking out of Sports Authority. Yeah, yeah, I know they have cheap $25 packages, but have you ever been shopping with Tom? He is very specific about colors incase you didn't notice. He tried on a bunch of shoes and to be honest, they didn't have many size 13's anyway.

We went to the park several times to practice kicking the ball around. Tom was so enthused about it. But then a couple more weeks went by and all of the sudden real practice snuck up on us.

Monday was the first day of practice. 20 minutes before we were supposed to hop on our bikes and head to the field I started looking for this soccer ball. It wasn't where I remembered seeing it last. In fact, it wasn't anywhere! We turned the house and garages upside down looking for this stinking ball. Gone.

Luckily we had a spare, but it was a size 4, which was bigger than the required size 3 for U7. We got to the field and the coach was so nice. He said Tom could borrow one of his extra 3's anyway.

Wednesday rolls around and all of the sudden we are panicked to go find a size 3 ball for Tom. Practically sold out at Sports Authority. They didn't have a ball in the colors Tom wanted so off we went to Target. Again, practically sold out and they didn't have a ball in the right colors. Ok, off to Big 5 Sporting Goods. Nearly struck out again there but I put my foot down. "Tom, just pick one. These are the 3 you have to choose from." He chose the white with some black and yellow accents that match his shoes. *sigh* finally done. That only took an hour longer than necessary.

I won't even go into the debacle about pumping the thing up once we got home. Good times.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

June/July Telford Twins Update

The Telford Twins graduated from Kindergarten in June. They are excited to be 1st graders. This will be the first year they will be separated and have two different teachers. Abby has finally stopped breaking down into tears exclaiming, "But I want to see Tom at learning time!" As Tom has assured her, "Abby, don't worry, I will see you at 1st recess and 2nd recess and lunch time." He's such a good brother.

Tom and Abby play in their room for about an hour every night before lights out. One night Tom comes to get me early and says, "Mom, you must see this." He proudly stomps back to the room and points at the floor. Meanwhile Abby has disappeared and I can hear her sobbing while yelling, "Tom! I told you not to tell!" Yup! Tattle Tale Tom was making sure I was well aware that Abby took the yellow crayon and drew all over the light brown carpet. Abby is mortified, screaming bloody murder, "I didn't do it on purpose!" When in fact she did do it on purpose, she just didn't think it would show up. What better way to find out! Needless to say, unsupervised coloring in the bedroom is no longer allowed.

For pictures of the twins from June 2010 click here.

For pictures of the twins from July 2010 click here.

A New Bunk Beginning

Saturday was the year's most anticipated BBQ. The annual Dairyville Pez Gathering. Tina is so nice to open up her home each year to about 100 Pezheads looking for a place to gather, sell and collect Pez.

On Friday night Abby was inhaling her hot dog. I asked her what the hurry was and she yelled, "I just want this day to be OVER so I can buy Pez tomorrow!"

Tom and Abby are becoming quite the collectors! They each had $10 to spend. I made sure to bring singles because I knew they would most likely be buying 50¢ and $1 pieces. They took their time choosing exactly the pieces they wanted to add to their collection. It was quite the process.

On Sunday Paul put together the twins brand new bunk beds! They were so excited and participated for most of the 3 hour assembly. They ran around the house collecting ball caps and sun hats so they could pretend to wear "hard hats" while they were helping Dad with the construction. They also snapped a bunch of pictures of the process.

And here is the final product.

When I was picking the beds out online I brought Abby into the room and asked her which bed would be hers. She pointed to the bottom bunk. Then I asked Tom the same question and he pointed to the top bunk. We thought that issue was settled. As they were tucked into bed on Sunday night Abby was practically in tears because NOW she wants the top bunk. I have a feeling we are going to have to do a monthly rotation or something to be fair. That's not going to make Tom happy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tara Does Daycare

Today was an especially long day.

11AM Jelly (5) and Justy (3) dropped off for some playtime and babysitting. Her mom needed a favor so I said, sure! Come on over!

12:00PM My brother came by. We figured out how to get the 8.5ft couch on the roof of the pick up he borrowed. It was a pickup with a cab, and the cab had rails to tie the couch down. It was pretty funny considering how weak I am, and at one point I felt like I was lifting the entire thing over my head. Oh wait, I was! I almost fell over.

12:30PM Raquel (6) gets dropped off for the scheduled playdate with Tom and Abby. Now there are 5 kids under 6 years old in my house! The 3 year old is autistic too, so he's more like watching a 1 year old that can understand basic commands. He is really sweet too!

1:00PM Jen comes by with Ian (5) and Ryan (2). She called this morning and I told her I had a full house, but why not. The more the merrier, right? So now there's 3 adults and 7 kids running around.

1:30PM Sean has had enough so he takes off.

2:00PM Jelly and Justy get picked up

2:45PM Raquel goes home

3:00PM Jen, Ian and Ryan go home.

Whew! We went through so much PB&J, I ran out of bread! Good times.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dirty Dishes

So the twins have been really into helping me around the house lately. They've (hardly) complained when I asked them to pick up their toys every day and Abby especially LOVES to help out with the dishes. Tom's response today was, "You have to do the dishes AGAIN? But you just did them yesterday."

So here they are happily playing in the water, "doing" the dishes, AKA leaving them covered in soap so I have to go back and re-rinse them when they are done.

And here they are switching places. What? How else would you do it?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

News Flash

The twins are camping with Dad at a local park today. It's a trip put on by the Parks and Rec. Today they did arts and crafts, swimming, frisbee, water balloon fights and jumped in a bounce house. I'm sure there's more.... Paul sent me these pics from his phone.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Wedding Bells

Tom and Abby have made friends with a pair of neighbor kids across the street. The girl is Tom and Abby's age, the boy is 4. In 1st grade the girl will even be in one of their classes. (Tom and Abby are going to be separated.)

Today I took the twins across the street for a play date. It was also a mommy date, as her daughter had another friend and mommy over to play as well. While we were there the twins announced they were going to marry their new found best friends. This rumor has been circulating since 4th of July. It has been confirmed!

Tom is going to be a little heartbreaker, I know it. All the girls in Kindergarten loved Tom and played with him. Most of the moms told me he was the first boy their daughters ever played with. Today, when we got home he was telling us a story about how Abby and the two other little girls were wrestling him to the ground, trying to kiss him. And those are only 5 and 6 year olds. Ahhhhh!!! I thought we had a few more years before this happened! Luck. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it with these two.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An Elephant Never Forgets

Just like an elephant the twins never forget!

So last Wednesday Abby came to me with one slipper. She has a large heart shape embellishment gem on this slipper and she asked me to cut it off for her. She said Tom really liked it and she wanted to give it to him.

Rather than ruin her slipper I told her to think about it for a week and come back next Wednesday if she still wanted it off. Well, I had completely forgotten about it and she walks into my bedroom this morning with two slippers and asks, "Is it next Wednesday yet?" I had no idea what she was talking about. She says, "You told me you would cut off these hearts next Wednesday."

I thought I had to completely ruin the slippers straps to do this but she assured me it was only tied on with two strings. She was right. So off to get the scissors she went and I cut both hearts off the slippers. Man, these kids don't forget a thing!

It didn't even occur to me that today is only Tuesday. It was only after I published this blog post and saw Tuesday stamped on top that I realized it's not Wednesday yet! Ah, the life of a stay at home mom when all the days are the same!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

On Thursday I bit the bullet. I went and purchased the bike I wanted from a bike shop in downtown Sacramento. After I got over the sticker shock, picking out the bike was pretty fun. I had the twins there to give their input. Tom wanted me to get red, Abby wanted me to get purple. I ended up narrowing down to the choice of green or pink in the style I wanted. I got the pink hawaiian themed beach cruiser with fenders and three speeds. It's a dream to ride!

We had our first family bike ride last night. I had promised when I got my bike we'd all go to the yogurt shop about 1.5 miles up the road. Even though it was 100 degrees out at 7pm we saddled up and took off. Abby was till on training wheels so she was slow. She was so slow I had trouble keeping up with her. I almost fell over riding that slow! Tom on the other hand "zoomed" ahead with Dad.

On the way home I rode with Tom. He asked me if he could "zoom" and I thought for sure I could keep up. There must be something wrong with my pedals though. They don't seem to go as fast as his. It's most likely operator error, as I was huffing and puffing and my thighs were burning so hot I almost thought they would burst into flame. Next time he wants to "zoom" we'll make sure to pack my oxygen.

One of these days when it's not a bazillion degrees outside I'll get a photo of me on my new bike.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learning to Swim

Tom and Abby took swim lessons in early May. I think it may have paid off. Though I wouldn't sign them up for Olympic training just yet, it's a simple accomplishment that they enjoy getting their faces wet this year. I'm no fortune teller, but I see many summer afternoons spent swimming in this little backyard pool!

In case you're interested in the details, we got the 48"x18' Intex Easy Set Pool. I assumed that was going to mean a 4' deep pool, but in reality, it is only 3' deep. I think because of the outward contour of the pool as it fills, it loses a whole foot in water depth. It suits our little fish just fine though!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Day Before Summer!

Today is Father's Day. As if making breakfast in bed for dad and showering him with gifts wasn't exciting enough, Tom is beaming with excitement for one reason today.

Tomorrow is the first day of SUMMER!

I have no idea why he is so excited about this. I think he thinks all of the sudden mother nature will heat up the temps and he'll be relaxing in the backyard pool for weeks on end. Ok, well, he's probably right, but how that is going to be a change from the last month, I don't know.

So Happy Day Before the First Day of Summer to all you Dad's out there! Enjoy your special day before the special day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kindergarten Promotion

In case you missed it, and most of you did, fear not! I have captured the entirety of the Kindergarten promotion celebration on my flip video. Not only that, but I have shared all the short video clips with you below.

My favorite is "Each of us is a Flower, Growing in Life's Garden." However it's a bit hard to understand with all 19 voices singing at the same time. I'll have to capture Tom and Abby singing it at home for me so you can hear the lyrics better.


Water Travels in a Cycle

I Live in California

Slippery Fish

Each of Us is a Flower, Growing in Life's Garden!

The World is a Rainbow

Start Spreading the News, 1st Grade, 1st Grade!

Abby's Diploma

Tom's Diploma

Monday, June 14, 2010

PG Movies and Bad Habits

Tom and Abby have been thrilled this year that we have let them watch some PG movies instead of just G rated cartoons. They started off with the "Superman" series and moved onto the "Ghostbusters" movies.

Yesterday Tom was heard screaming down the hall confidently, "What the hell is going on here? What the HELL?"

Seriously, if you know me and Paul, you KNOW he did not learn that word from us. I'm pretty sure it came from Ghostbusters but when we called Tom into the room to tell him that was a bad word and it wasn't appropriate he wouldn't tell us where he heard it. He was either too afraid to tattle on the kid that told him, or he honestly heard it too many times (too much Ghostbusters?) that he has no idea where he learned it.

I thought it was kinda funny because he was so confident when he said it. He never hears us use foul language at home so he has no idea what is appropriate and what is not. I mean this is the kid that said, "Mom, there's a bad word in this movie." When I asked him what it was, he said, "stupid."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

95 Years From Now


"When I am 100 years old, I think I will look the same. It is just a guess (like an estimation jar.) I will live at home because I want to stay with those guys. I will be married and have only two kids, like Abby. I will have two grandchildren. During the day, I will play football if it is football season. If it is not football season I will just be a dad."


"When I am 100 years old, I will have my same color skin of course, but I will have a purple dress. I will live in San Francisco. Oh yes, I will be married and have two kids and one grandchild. During the day I will go to work. "

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Messy Wednesday

The twins had some fun this morning, leaving me presents all over the house.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Bath Time

Doesn't get much cuter than this.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Vreta Twins Have Arrived!

See for yourselves.

Aren't they lovely? They are comfortable too. Come over and enjoy them with us!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

England Till I Die!

On our third sight seeing day in London we did something a little different. We spent most of the day searching for elephants in the great london elephant parade! We only found about 40 of the 255 or so, but it was fun hunting!

We bought a Thames Clipper hop on/off pass to jet up and down the Thames river all day long as well. Traveling by boat was quite nice. A nice change from the tube.

We made our way to Greenwich and slowly but surely climbed the steepest hill in the world to get to the Greenwich Observatory. Seriously, this hill was so steep and with 105 year old lungs I had to stop... a lot. We even took the handicap route, which we hoped would lead us to a lift, but no luck. It was just paved instead of gravel. The funniest part was at the end of the handicap route there is a ridiculous two door gate to zig zag through, which was hard to do for a walker, I can't imagine in a wheelchair, and then it led to stairs. So much for equal access!

On the way back to central London on the Clipper I met a lovely gal that knew the city a bit. I asked her for recommendations on a good Thai place. Siam Central on Charlotte Street was awesome! Dare I say the Pad Kra Pow was better than Thai Basil? It was really really good.

On Thursday before we left the city we had to stop by Abbey Road studios for the big Beatles fan of our party. All the tourists were signing the cement wall with Sharpies that looked as if it had been painted over just about every month with fresh white paint. We didn't take part in the graffiti, but we did of course do the walk across the famous crosswalk outside the Beatles studio. The locals must be so tired of fans walking and taking pictures of one another, holding up traffic. Most didn't seem to mind, as there was no angry honking. We did see a delivery van cheering the tourists on as they walked and snapped photos though. It was great fun.

We made the long 2 hour trek to Grantham on Thursday afternoon. With a bazillion people inside Kings Cross station we were able to meet up with Paul's dad with enough time to catch an earlier than planned train up north. We stayed up late in the pub at Stoke Rochford Hall. Those crazy Brits sure do like to drink! Actually I think they were a bit intrigued by us "exotic" crazy North Americans that traveled 6000 miles for a wedding.

The wedding was Friday and it was an absolutely gorgeous day! I was a bit chilly in my strapless dress, as it was only about 60 degrees, so it's a good thing I had my fancy trench coat. But it was nothing but clear blue skies with the occasional cloud blocking the sun and a slight breeze during the champagne hour. Or should I say two! Like I mentioned before, they sure do like to drink!

Ah, but first the church. So the wedding ceremony was actually in the bride's home, home village of Syston. It's a tiny farm village and the whole village came together to beautify the church. There hadn't been a wedding there for 7 years! It's a tiny church with a parish registry dating back to 1562. There is a small wrought iron gate to the entrance which had peeling paint before the wedding. Some residents of the village came together to re-paint the gate, cut the grass and wash the street signs, all in honor of Sarah's wedding.

As we packed into the tiny church we squished 4 people per pew to watch the ceremony. We were under strict instructions not to photograph during the ceremony. I never heard "Now you may kiss the bride." and I'm not sure if it was because the bride and groom just kissed immediately after they were officially husband and wife or if it's not a British tradition to say so.

We joked that the "Wedding Breakfast" (dinner), was made fresh from lamb at the Stoke Rochford mansion farm as there were plenty of farm animals wandering the grounds. The food was most excellent and ended with a creme brulee dessert.

The night before the wedding we had met the groom and the best man at the Stoke pub for some late night drinks. Somehow the idea came about to put a sweepstake on the best man's speech. For £1 in you could bet how long the speech would take. He promised it to be 8 minutes and it ended up being 20! The highest bid was 24 minutes. The winner was sitting at the bookie's table, which I found highly suspect! Half the money went to charity and the other half went to the winner, which I'm sure ended up at the Stoke bar later that night.

After the cake cutting I kept waiting for the servers to appear with cake plates in the ballroom, but that never happened. About an hour later there was fruit, bread and cheese served, with cake as the dessert in the library. Ah! Cake! Finally! One difference with English weddings is the cake. There were 3 layers. 2 layers of traditional wedding cake, or Christmas cake, aka fruit cake and one sponge cake layer, thank goodness for me. I love me some sponge cake! It was served in teeny tiny pieces you were meant to eat with your hands.

Considering the ceremony started at 2:30PM and the partying continued until 2AM it was quite a day! We had loads of fun and I'm totally glad we got to make the trip! I'll leave you with these few pictures, as I'm sure Paul will upload a ton of them to Flickr soon. hint... hint...

Congratulations to the bride and groom, Mark and Sarah!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is not going to be a very exciting post, as I don't want to take much time to write it.

We arrived in London at 10:30AM on Monday. After the 12 hour flight my legs were swollen like they were after my surgery in February. I guess my lymphatic system has not fully recovered! Mental note, get up and walk around the plane on the ride home.

We arrived at the Marriott Maida Vale hotel around noon or 1pm, I can't remember. It was the middle night for us so we were tired. We pretty much passed out until 5pm when we got up for dinner. Turns out several of the Maida Vale area restaurants are closed on Mondays. Who woulda thunk? We ended up going to a steak house near Paddington before the big game. We made our way to Wembly stadium just in time to find out that 10 minutes before the football starts, they STOP selling beer. Poor Paul.

The game (England v Mexico) was awesome! The fans are amazing, chanting and singing the whole time. I couldn't figure out exactly what they were saying most of the time, I had to have my british husband translate for me. We were also part of a new world record for the largest human flag. Each of the 90,000 fans were given either a red or white t-shirt depending on where your seat was located. There were then two flags of England on either side of the stadium. Quite a sight! I have to admit, the crowd looked pretty awesome and it was fun to be a part of it.

This morning we slept in to get over the jet lag and finally got out the door in time to find some lunch. We started out in Covent Garden and walked around after lunch all day long. We found Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, Oxford St, Regent St (and the largest Apple Store on the world!) and of course ended with Wagamama for dinner.

At the Apple store we video chatted with the twins. It was 4PM in London so they were just getting up at 8AM and having a good time with Uncle Sean. There we were in the middle of the biggest Apple Store in the world and the twins changed their background to "roller coaster" (those familiar with iChat will know what I'm talking about) so they were raising their arms and hooting and hollering "whooo wheeeeeeeeee!" as we chatted away in public. (It looks like they're on a roller coaster in the background, instead of just the background of the room they are in) Good times.

Something I don't remember from my previous trips to London are the hills. I don't know if we found the only hills in London, or if they are everywhere, but this time around with only 42% lung function and a very weak body I've had so much trouble keeping up. Poor Paul has to walk at "Tara's pace" and I cannot carry on a conversation and walk at the same time. My legs are sore and aching but we made it through today.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to see more sights by sitting down. We plan to get an all day River Roamer pass and just spend time on/off the Thames taking pictures and eating of course.

Well that's what we've been up to so far. One more full day in London and then we're off to Grantham on Thursday for Mark and Sarah's wedding!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nine Years

Without this there would be none of these.

I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day in the Life of Cystic Fibrosis

May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month. In the spirit of spreading the word I'd like to share what my day looks like in terms of Cystic Fibrosis maintenance. Keep in mind this is my "healthy" schedule. It is far more rigorous when I have an active lung and/or sinus infection.

8AM First pills!
800mg Motrin (to control inflammation)
180mg Allegra (to control grass allergies)
40mg Nexium (to control GERD -Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
8:05AM Prepare/mix and warm sinus rinse
8oz distilled water (to decrease risk of exposure to harmful bacteria)
1 packet NeilMed salt
1 vial Pulmicort Respules (steroid to reduce nasal polyps)
8:10AM flush each nostril with 4oz of prepared warmed sinus rinse.
8:15AM Nasal sprays
Patanase 2 sprays each nostril (reduce nasal inflammation)
Nasonex 1 spray each nostril (steroid to reduce nasal polyps)
8:20AM First Vest treatment of the day
Strap into the SmartVest for 30 minutes of pre-set settings as follows
5 minutes, frequency 6, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 8, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 9, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 18, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 19, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 20, pressure 70
8:20AM Simultaneous first nebulizer treatment of the day
Xopenex 1.25mg/3mL (bronchodilator to open airways)
5mL 3% Hypertonic Saline (expectorant)
8:40AM Reconstitute inhaled antibiotic
500mg Meropenum/3mL sterile water (reduce pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs)
Inhale mixed Meropenum solution
This antibiotic is alternated 28 days on and 28 days off. During the off month I inhale Cayston (Aztreonam Lysine) They are rotated to reduce the chance my bacteria in the lungs will build a resistance.
8:50AM Vest is done, continue inhaling Meropenum
8:55AM Meropenum complete
8:55AM Rinse and wash all nebulizer pieces and parts, let air dry
9AM 2 puffs Advair HFA 115/21 (long acting bronchodilator combined with steroid)
9AM Breakfast
3 Ultrase MT20 enzyme pills (to digest food)
600mg Calcium
1000mg Vitamin C
1 ABDEK (prescription vitamin high in fat soluble vitamins)
3 PB8 (blend of 8 probiotics to reduce yeast growth)
11AM Small snack
2 Ultrase MT20 enzyme pills (to digest food)
mix 1-2TBS Miralax powder with 6oz Orange Juice (Laxative)
12PM Lunch
3 Ultrase MT20 enzyme pills (to digest food)
1:30PM Second Vest treatment of the day
Strap into the SmartVest for 30 minutes of pre-set settings as follows
5 minutes, frequency 6, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 8, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 9, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 18, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 19, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 20, pressure 70
1:30PM Simultaneous second nebulizer treatment of the day
Xopenex 1.25mg/3mL (bronchodilator to open airways)
5mL 3% Hypertonic Saline (expectorant)
2PM Vest and nebs are done.
2PM Rinse and wash all nebulizer pieces and parts, let air dry
2:30PM Snack time!
2 Ultrase MT20 enzyme pills (to digest food)
800mg Motrin (to control inflammation)
5:30PM Dinner
3 Ultrase MT20 enzyme pills (to digest food)
600mg Calcium
1000mg Vitamin C
1 ABDEK (prescription vitamin high in fat soluble vitamins)
3 PB8 (blend of 8 probiotics to reduce yeast growth)
6:45PM Prepare/mix and warm sinus rinse
8oz distilled water (to decrease risk of exposure to harmful bacteria)
1 packet NeilMed salt
1 vial Pulmicort Respules (steroid to reduce nasal polyps)
6:50PM flush each nostril with 4oz of prepared warmed sinus rinse.
6:55PM Nasal sprays
Patanase 2 sprays each nostril (reduce nasal inflammation)
Nasonex 1 spray each nostril (steroid to reduce nasal polyps)
7PM Third and final Vest treatment of the day
Strap into the SmartVest for 30 minutes of pre-set settings as follows
5 minutes, frequency 6, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 8, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 9, pressure 100
5 minutes, frequency 18, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 19, pressure 70
5 minutes, frequency 20, pressure 70
7PM Simultaneous third nebulizer treatment of the day
Xopenex 1.25mg/3mL (bronchodilator to open airways)
Pulmozyme 2.5mL (thins mucus)
7:20PMReconstitute inhaled antibiotic
500mg Meropenum/3mL sterile water (reduce pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs)
Inhale mixed Meropenum solution
7:30PM Vest is complete. Continue inhaling Meropenum
7:40PM Meropenum complete
7:40PM Rinse and wash all nebulizer pieces and parts, let air dry
7:45PM 2 puffs Advair HFA 115/21 (long acting bronchodilator combined with steroid)
9PM Last pills!
500mg Zitromax (Mon, Weds and Fri only)
Lo Ovral Birth control pills (an unintended pregnancy could jeopardize my lungs)
50mg trazodone (sleeping pill)
10mg Singulair (to treat asthma component to Cystic Fibrosis)
800mg Motrin (to control inflammation)
40mg Nexium (to control GERD -Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
9:05PM Fire up the oxygen concentrator. My lungs don't exchange gases well anymore at night when I breathe shallow in my sleep. My oxygen saturation levels drop into the 70's so I have to sleep with 3 Liters of continuous flow oxygen through a nasal cannula to keep my oxygen sats in the 90's.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snow Play!

I uploaded 5 very short new videos from our snow play day today at Yuba Gap Sno Park in CA.

All in all the twins had a blast. They did not want to leave. We spent about 3 hours in the 55 degree sunshine on top of a snowy mountain. It was a gorgeous day to play in the snow. I had a really hard time keeping up with the kids so I mostly stood and watched. I stayed at the top of the hill and helped them get onto their sleds a lot.

Of course at 5,800 feet I needed my oxygen tank. Boy was the air thin up there! At one point Paul and the twins climbed even higher to the fresh soft snow to build a snowman. It took me about 20 minutes to get to the same spot that took them about two. I had to stop and try and catch my breath about 10 different times. Paul finally pulled me up the rest of the way. The powder was so fresh at the top we sank nearly up to our thighs walking through it.

We ended our day with a trip to a furniture store. How's that for a weird combo? We sat on about 50 different couches. I think we may have found a winner. Details to come...

PS It's not the $3,000 red leather masterpiece Tom is begging for.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picnic Day 2010

Saturday was the UC Davis annual Picnic Day. If you're not familiar with this event, you should be. We go every year!

The weather was perfect and the food was delish! Tom and Abby really had a blast this year. Despite saying they were not going to watch the parade at all, they sat through the whole 45 minute parade and ate all the candy that was thrown at them. I think that's enough bribery to watch again next year.

After lunch we left the twins with Grandma for a couple hours and they made all sorts of art projects. During that time, Paul and I, being the bus nerds that we are, made the extra long hike to the pad to check out the busses. Surprisingly quite a bit has changed in the last 11 years since our graduation.

The most exciting part of the pad was.... get this... driving the new Alexander Dennis. What IS that you say? Why, it's this delicious looking 40' long 14' tall piece of machinery:

All you busnerds are jealous now. The most surprising part of this adventure is the fact that I don't have a class B license nor have I ever had one. I only got to drive it in circles on the pad. They didn't let me drive it in the parade as show above.

I was nervous of course:

Totally afraid I was going to plow into another bus or building. AD, as I like to call him, came away without a scratch on him and I earned my wheels for the day.

For more fantastic photos from our day on Saturday click here.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On My Way Home!

Fingers crossed, I get to bust out of club med on Friday! That will be an 11 day stay. I still have a long way to go. My FEV1 on Monday was 1.12 Liters (36%). I'm sure I'll have one more check before I leave here on Friday. I hope it goes up from there. My goal is at least 1.4 liters by the end of this IV round.

This hospital stay has flown by in some ways and dragged in others. It surprised me that I was as sick as I was and to have to go from feeling short of breath, getting an xray, to being told you are being admitted the next day, well, that's never happened to me before. I had no idea I was that sick with pneumonia.

I'll be glad to be outtta here there because the last three nights I've had nurses that just won't leave me alone! I swear they stand by my door in their yellow precaution gowns and wait for me to get up at pee at 2 in the morning so they can burst into my room, turn on the light and ask me how many times I peed and if they can take my vitals. I usually throw them out and tell them I'm SLEEPING and I have ORDERS in my chart to LEAVE ME ALONE! It's pretty annoying. I hadn't had any problems with this up until the last three nights. So I've been exhausted during the day because I get up to pee about 4 times a night, thank you antibiotics and I'm interrupted several times during the night with questions and such.

Overall it's relaxing to be here because I don't have to take care of the kids, but I miss them. Oh, I miss them so much! They are coming home from Grandma's tomorrow and I will be home around the same time I hope. We'll see. My orders have already been written, so my goal is to be home with my IV meds in hand for my 3pm treatment. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Heading to Club Med!

I'm heading into the hospital today. I don't know how long I'll be there. If I can finish a 2 week course of IV antibiotics and then be done for good, I would love to just get it all done there. But if the IVs will last longer than 2 weeks, I'll probably come home around day 9 or 10.

I had a very long day yesterday. I went to see my surgeon as a follow up for my hernia surgery. Everything looks good except my swelling. I'm having severe swelling in my feet. But the repairs all look good. I might even get my last drain out in the next day or two. He's going to make a house call to my hospital to take it out for me on Weds or Thursday. It's still producing a lot of bloody fluid, which is good, so it's doing it's job. But it's annoying and I just want the thing out.

After the surgeon I went to see Dr. Chipps only he wasn't there so I saw the nurse. Once I saw my PFTs I knew it was bad. I knew I couldn't breathe and I knew I couldn't get off the oxygen (I'd been on it 24x7 since the surgery on Feb 26) but I had no idea I was at 29/30%. That's like transplant stage. Crazy! I have never been that low in my life. 0.95 liters. Under one liter. That's..... uncool. No wonder I can't walk! Off then I went to lunch. Lunch at a restaurant by yourself is not nearly as much fun as it is with friends. So I ate and left to get a chest xray. By the time I got home the nurse had the xray results and had already talked to the doctor. He said he definitely wants to admit me today, Tuesday, because that's my lowest PFT ever! Then he also said I have pneumonia in my right upper lung. Great.

The did a sputum culture during my surgery 11 days ago and they had the preliminary results, which were good. Basically I'm not growing anything new or devastating down there. It's just the regular old PA rearing it's ugly head. Poor Abby, thought SHE gave me her pneumonia. She had a different kind for sure b/c healthy people can't culture PA. I told her in no way did she do that and she did just fine while I was taking care of her. Now the fact that Tom gave her the cold that gave me the cold... well, it's debatable to say Tom actually did this. But that is the price I pay to send my kids out in public, *gasp!* where all the germs are! I think we had a good run, no colds since August when they started Kindergarten. That's pretty fantastic if you ask me!

So my 2.5 year streak of no IVs is over. I'm back on the juice. They'll have a bed ready for me at 2pm today. Wish me luck!

Telford Twins Feb 2010 Update

February is already a short month, but add two sick kids and a sick mom for weeks and it's just a blur. Tom and Abby's cold brought on severe ear infections for them. They were sick for weeks and part of the fun was hearing loss. Some of the hearing loss brought some great stories about miscommunication.

For example, when Tom returned to school he jumped into the car on the way home and was so excited to share what he learned. It went a little like this:

Tom: "Mom! Guess what?! Did you know there are fifteen stars on the American flag because we have fifteen states?"
Me: "Ms. W said there are fifty stars on the flag, not fifteen." As I try and annunciate as well as I can for the hard of hearing in the back seat.
Tom: "NO! She said FIFTEEN!"
Me: "No, Tom, she said fifty."
Tom: "NO! She said FIFTEEN. How do YOU know anyway? Did YOU count them?!"

And then he scowled at me in the rear view mirror the whole way home. He didn't say another word.

Abby had similar stories that went a little like this:

One morning she had just gotten up with 105 degree fever and pneumonia and I asked her if she wanted a straw cup so she could sit on the couch and drink her juice instead of having breakfast right away. She stared at me blankly. I asked again and she stares at me and in total and complete honesty says, "Yes, I would like to watch a movie."

We did manage to have some fun adventures in February, like a trip to see Disney on Ice World's of Fantasy Tour and Tom losing his very first tooth!

For pictures from February 2010 click HERE.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lots of Sleep

Since my surgery I've been on some pretty heavy drugs and they make me sleep a lot. Today after I got up at 7am for breakfast I went back to bed utnil 1pm. Well around 4pm Tom comes up to me in the kitchen and complains that he wants ice cream before dinner because I'm having ice cream before dinner.

Well we all know that's not how it works around here. Dinner first, fruit second and then dessert. I wasn't feeling well and the only thing that sounded good was ice cream, so ice cream I had.

Tom looks at me and says, "Mom I thought you said you were going to be sleeping a lot these days. So how come you are not sleeping." I told him I am doing a lot of sleeping, but right now I'm going to eat my ice cream.

As I turned around to walk away, I can feel the fire coming out of his eyes as he follows me down the hall and he says, "Fine! I'm going to do this." and then STOMP! He stands on my oxygen tubing and sends me flying backwards almost spilling my ice cream. Nice. Real nice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Caramel DeLites

Tom spied my stash of Caramel DeLites tonight after dinner. So after he ate some yogurt and apples he broke into my "special box" of cookies. Those were his words not mine. Then he complained for about 15 minutes trying to convince me he needed 3 of them because they were SO small. I told him, just one and that if he liked them he could choose it for dessert again tomorrow.

Well guess what.... thumbs up! Shoot.

He walked into my room with a scowl on his face after his taste test. He holds up three fingers and says, "Mom, I have 3 things to tell you."

"First, I liked your special cookies and I wish I didn't."
"Second, I wish they were THIS big!" (holding his hands about 1 foot apart from one another)
"And third..... well, that is all."

And off he stomped.