Tuesday, December 01, 2009

October/November 2009 Telford Twins Update

Did you miss me? I somehow skipped the October update. Tom and Abby had a wonderful fifth birthday and of course, were spoiled beyond belief with gifts and celebrations lasting nearly a week long.

Tom has learned a hard lesson about the gender gap. He wore stickers on his ears to school because he likes earrings and many of his classmates wear earrings to class every single day. His teacher was so caught off guard by a BOY wearing earrings that she made him take them off and put them in his backpack. It has since been communicated to the teacher that Tom may, on occasion. wear sticker earrings to class and he will only remove them if they become a distraction. In other Tom news, he learned to ride a two wheeler! He zips and zooms up and down the driveway, on and off the sidewalk and all over our neighborhood.

Abby's hair went pink for halloween at school and she LOVED it! I'm seriously considering letting her dye her hair semi-permanently for awhile. She is so perfectly content playing around the house, sometimes by herself and her imaginary friends. I caught her the other day, dressed up as Snow White, singing into her microphone and then pausing to cheer for herself and take a bow. She is amused by little things. Two days ago she put on a pair of cargo pants that had six pockets. She squealed with joy as she bounced up and down on my bed, "Mom! Can you believe it? Look at ALL these pockets! I can fit so many things in these pockets today!" And then she must have forgotten about the pockets because I never saw her use them once that day.

October 2009 Photos

November 2009 Photos

Happy Holidays!

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Amy said...

That's so frustrating when teachers "teach" the bad things in society. The only reason it is weird for boys to wear earrings is because people like her. Let kids be kids!!!!!

Abby sounds a lot like me when I was a kid. Very content playing by myself. It rocked!!!!! :)