Monday, December 21, 2009

Food Poisoning!

Yup! That's right folks, Abby got an early Christmas present thanks to the Red Robin restaurant on Friday night.

She came into our room around 2AM on Saturday morning. She said, "Mommy, I called you! I threw up." Oh, broke my heart. Kids get scared when they throw up, well, at least mine do, because it's so rare! This is only the second time she's ever thrown up. The first was last March, when we all spread a stomach flu around our house. It spread like wildfire. One day after the other, we all had it within a week. That's one reason I know Abby had food poisoning, none of us caught it!

She had different food than the rest of us at the restaurant and any one of them could have caused it. She ate a hamburger with ketchup, some fries, apples, cantaloupe and ranch dip. Who knows which item cause it, but she was so sick and so weak all weekend. She's feeling back to normal, and even somewhat enjoyed a trip to Grandma's house for Dani's birthday.

Here are the sibs plus mom:

And Auntie kate brought her bunny for the twins to meet:


Amy said...

awwww poor thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad she is feeling better!!!! I still don't like throwing up and I'm almost 30 lol

Carrie said...

Food poisoning is no fun. Glad she is feeling better.

The Mantha Family said...

Oh no - poor Abby!