Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

The Christmas excitement in our house is building! Remind me never to tell Tom any secret that actually has to be kept. This morning he was so excited to tell me all about the Christmas wreath he is making for me in class. Then he told me all about the Christmas Pajamas he bought for me and Abby. He didn't actually tell me about them, which is good, and the fact I'm getting PJ's isn't a secret, it's a Christmas eve tradition. But still. He was bursting at the seams. "I know one of your presents! Do you want me to tell you? It's pajamas!"

I told Tom and Abby that mom and dad buy presents for them as well as Santa Clause. So this morning they were totally on a present hunt! First they were in my closet, which is of course where all the presents are hiding... unwrapped. So I told them the presents were elsewhere in the house and there was only one. And once I told them they were unwrapped, they stopped looking for them. Guess it's not as fun to really find out what you're getting for Christmas.

So of course today of all days Paul's gift arrived via Fed Ex and I ended up having to tell him not to answer the front door, because today of all days was the day he was going to be home for lunch, and home when the kids got out of school at 2:30. So I waited all morning until 11AM when I had to leave for the dentist and no Fed Ex. I was so worried it would come while he was home and it would be ruined because I wasn't sure if it would be in a brown box or not. Turns out it was in a brown box, which is great and it is safely wrapped and hidden. So at least that surprise did not get ruined!

Now about my dentist appointment. So I have these 4 fillings from 1994 that are slowly cracking my teeth, causing me to need crowns and must be replaced. So I had to get one crown, one filling replacement, 2 fillings, some laser gum surgery and a lingual frenectomy. For the first time in my life, I actually didn't feel any pain or pressure when they did one of my shots. They had to do 2 shots, one on either side of my mouth. That is a record low for me. Usually I get 3-5 shots in the same spot to get numb enough. So 2 thumbs up for this new dentist! The second shot hurt a little bit, but that's to be expected I guess.

First she started on my upper teeth, which were not numb, and filled a small cavity. After it was over and squealed with a tiny bit of pain at the end she did say, she had to drill deeper than she thought but was still proud of me that I did it all without novocaine in that area. Then she moved onto the replacement filling. It was a big filling so it took awhile. And there was a tiny new cavity on that same tooth that got done as well. Finally she moved to the bottom left side to remove like half my tooth or something because it had cracked. This is the one that needs the crown, which I will get on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas to me!

Second to last, but not least was the lingual frenectomy. Basically I was tongue tied. How I ever learned to speak, with great enunciation to boot is beyond me, from what I have read about this condition. My sisters tell this story that my mom and dad didn't want to fix this for me as a child. I have no idea why not. I'll have to ask my mom. So basically they stretched that muscle that was tying my tongue down and vaporized it off with a laser. I don't know how long this took, but it seemed like a long time. And it did hurt quite a bit but not excruciatingly. Apparently the frenum can grow back. I hope I'm not one of those lucky ones!

After my tongue was vaporized she vaporized some of my gum surrounding a different bottom tooth during the gum surgery. All of the sudden in the last few months my gum has turned blue and infected and we don't know why. So while I was numbed up, she decided to deep clean it. I hope it works!

Now that the novocaine is wearing off I can feel some weird lumps under tongue. I hope this is normal. It kinda hurts too. Wish me luck in healing!


Carrie said...

You had quite the dentist appointment. Hope you don't end up with too much pain.

Chipmunk Chatter said...

OMG Tara! I am so sorry...this sounds horrible. Hope you heal soon and are done with all the drilling...minus the Christmas Eve adventure.

The Mantha Family said...

Wow! I am impressed that they were able to do all of that in one visit. Hope you're not sore!