Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Wheeler!

Tom and Abby have had 3.5 weeks off school already. Boy has it flown by.

I think the biggest news this month so far is that Tom learned how to ride a bike. He is very pleased with himself. He pretty much learned how to balance over the weekend and this week he has mastered all sorts of skills like turning and going up/down the sidewalk and driveway. He's very confident and sometimes he just bails. But then I get a thumbs up from him as he dusts himself off.

He's currently suffering from bully syndrome as I type this. We have a little friend visiting and Abby has taken to following her on her bike verses Tom and he's thrown several fits already. He's just completely confused why he isn't Abby's world right now. He's always been the bigger badder bully and leader of the house so this is very confusing for him as Abby is not listening. Yes, there are lots of tears and I'm just sitting back letting them sort it out. I wonder what kind of stories our neighbor friend will go home with tonight.

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