Sunday, November 08, 2009

Quiet House

Today I slept in till 10AM and boy did I need it. In fact i could use a nap right now, but instead I'm blogging to all of you because I know you miss me.

Last night Paul and I packed the kids up and shipped them off to Grandma's for a few days. The length of stay will be determined by Tom's will power. If he decides it's ok for Grandma to wipe his bottom after he poops on the potty, Grandma will keep the twins until Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to that! But since Tom only likes mama to wipe his bottom, he may be coming home tomorrow. As of noon today, he had not pooped for Grandma. I think Tom's record is holding it for 5 days. Yes. He is THAT stubborn.

After we dropped the kids off last night we went to Macy's to get a shirt for Paul. Before we left, Paul was looking through his closet asking me what he should wear to this 40th birthday party of his friends and I told him he'd be fine in a t-shirt, but he didn't think that was dressed up enough. I then told him to wear a polo shirt and it turns out that's just too boring. So I suggested we swing by Macy's on our way to the party. Macy's always has the clothes I need when I'm looking for new party outfits! *sigh* I miss Macy's.

So we get into Macy's and I start scanning the place looking for someone young and hip to help us out, point us in the direction of the "cool guy" shirts. I can't remember who thought of this term, the cool guy shirt, but we both knew what we were looking for. Now how were we going to find it in this three story building in less than 20 minutes so we weren't late for the party?

Luck would have it Paul found something right away. First he found a shirt that had a logo that said something about Cuban Cigars, and though we really liked the shirt, we didn't want to condone smoking. I even rationalized him buying it because isn't it true that unless you're hardcore cigar smoker, you don't even inhale anyway? I dunno, I've never smoked! What do I know? On the same rack we found it though, THE SHIRT. Instead of cuban cigar shirt, it was a similar cool guy design with "Mojito Bar" logo instead. This was perfect! Paul LOVES Mojitos. He makes his own simple syrup, buys fresh mint and makes Mojito's at home all the time.

Off to the dressing rooms. And it fit. Yay! Off to the cashier who didn't know what he was doing at all and he confessed to us it was his first day. Poor guy was sweating bullets.

Then came the bag. He didn't know where the bags were and I said to Paul, "You're making him put it in a bag?!" I always bring my own shopping bags into stores. I never use plastic bags anymore and when I just have to, I feel so guilty. So Paul says, "don't worry about the bag, we don't need one."

Still the cashier fumbles though the register area, finds the bags behind him and then can't get one out. Then the experienced cashier next to him, helps him tug and pull on the big shirt bags and brings one to the counter for us. We're like, "No really, we don't want a bag." She insists that this cream colored shirt is going to get dirty and starts opening the bag.

Paul says again, "I don't need a bag. Seriously, I just going to put the shirt on as soon as we get outside." By this point he has the attention of the couple checking out at the register next to us. The lady's jaw nearly hit the floor as she says disapprovingly, "Oh... really?" And then we left with our receipt and our new shirt flapping in the wind on the hanger and out the door. In hindsight, we should have left the hanger too.

And Paul looked really good and got compliments on his new shirt at the party!


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Do we have a picture of this new shirt on Paul? And is Tom home yet or has he pooped at Grandma's house yet? :)

The Mantha Family said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip ...