Saturday, October 10, 2009

Telford Twins Turn Five!

September 2009 Monthly Update

Tom and Abby turned 5 years old on October 1. These little sponges have learned many things in Kindergarten already. In fact they are able to study together now! In addition to weekly homework they have sets of 10 flash cards with sight words on them. Once they learn a set at their own pace the teacher signs off on it and sends home a new set of 10. Since Tom is further along in his sets than Abby, he is able to quiz her on her set because he knows them all already.

Every so often Mama just gets worn out and needs a nap. One day when I was home with the twins alone I set up multiple quiet activities for them to do while I shut my eyes. I turned on my oxygen concentrator, which sits across the hall from my room and ran the tubing into my room and under my closed bedroom door to settle down to sleep. About a half hour later, just as I was about to doze off I heard this scraping noise. Is it? No, it can't be. Yup it was! And ZIP! My oxygen tubing gets ripped off my face, down off the bed and screaming out from under my door. Since the twins had specific instructions not to come into my room, they were apparently trying to pull me out. Well it worked, and I can't blame them for not breaking the explicit rules. They wanted to draw me out to tell me they were bored. *sigh*

For pictures of the twins from September click here.

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