Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Fatso!

This morning I grabbed an outfit for Tom to put on. The shorts I gave him are what he called "jeans" which means they have a fly and a button. My mom got him these ones, they are super cute blue plaid Tony Hawk shorts. Tom likes them because Dad wears Tony Hawk shorts too.

Well Tom came into my room with his pants unbuttoned. He asked for help, which is weird because he likes to do these things on his own now, especially buttons! I tried and tried, and even looked inside the waist band to see if those little elastic bands were adjusted without my knowledge but nope, they were still on the last hole, as far as the band would stretch.

Tom just flat out gained more weight and he no longer fits into these size fives. He was so stinking proud of himself! He said, "Oh, I must have gotten bigger since I turned five!" He does weight a whopping 47 pounds now, so I guess he's right! And boy does that load get heavy when he wants me to carry him. I almost can't lift him anymore without pain in my hernias.

In other news, the twins finally got their seasonal flu shots today. This seasonal flu shot has been hard to track down! The practice I take the twins to said they only got 100 doses for insured patients. Meaning, they had more doses just sitting around, but unless you're on Medicaid, you can't have one. So when I took the twins to their annual check ups last week and the week before (yeah, separate appointments... don't get me started) I thought we'd be getting the shot then. That's when I got the news about the scarce supply.

Today the pedi called me to tell me they had just 30 doses delivered TODAY and if I got there fast enough I could get a dose for Tom and Abby. Way to create more hysteria, no? Well there's nothing that says lovin' as much as tearing your 5 year olds from their favorite TV program on a Friday afternoon to go get shots! Yippee! Abby squealed with delight... ok, she cried in fright, but still got in the car.

Everyone got out of the car and was dealing with the fact that we were going there to get a giant needle shoved into the muscles of their arms. Tom was first. He sat on my lap and didn't even let out a peep. FIRST TIME EVER! I thought, well, this is great! Abby was next. She started inching her way toward the door and then started wailing. I finally got her situated on my lap, completely restrained by force, arm bare and she yells as she stares at the needle coming toward her, "It's going to hurt! Yikes! Aaaaaaaahhhhh Eeeeeeee!!!! *insert sobs and more shrieks here*" And then it was done.

She's dealing with the soreness of her arm better than Tom. I told him if he massages the injection site and moved it around it wouldn't hurt as much. So that's what he's doing, all the while complaining that it STILL hurts. So I've dosed them up with motrin, a piece of candy and a Dragon Tales TV show. I know, it's not to late to nominate me for Mother of the Year.


lasankey said...

I'm so glad they finally got their shots. Another family in our area went thru something similar. Their daughter wcf got her flu shot, but they told him they didn't have any for her younger brother, also wcf who was supposedly in a different age group.

Max's h1n1 shot today cost me video game. I picked him up early from daycare and he said where are we going. The public safety building I said with gusto. Figuring he wouldn't catch on yet. Nope he started whimpering "I'm getting a swine flu shot!"

Full blown wailing by the time we got there. Got him calmed down before getting him in the building. But he did fairly well. Only cried briefly when the needle went in.


Princess Talana said...

Next year if she raises a fuss, you may want to see if they'll give her the seasonal in the thigh. They always did for skinny kids at mine because it was just as effective and hurt less because there was far more tissue to it to work with.

The Mantha Family said...

Glad they got the shot! Ashley has had the seasonal and H1N1, Thomas has had 2 doses of seasonal, and I have had the seasonal. I hope Thomas and I can also get the H1N1 soon.