Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day of School!

Today was the twins' last day of school for the first trimester. They were not allowed to dress up into halloween costumes, for fear of offending those that don't celebrate this holiday, but they were allowed to wear their PJ's to school. It was also "bed head" or crazy hair day and Abby wanted to go PINK! She loved it!

Now I have the twins home with me full time until November 30. Should be interesting!


PxT said...

She could be on the Amazing Race with hair like that! :)

whatsherface said...

Ah, Abby; a girl after my own heart. Tell her I LOVE her hair!! :D

(it really is a good look on her, hehe)

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Hey! Are those the pjs we gave the twins for their b-day? :)

The Mantha Family said...

Rock on! I love the pink hair!