Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Festival

A local church here in Elk Grove passed out flyers to all the kids at school advertising a free Fall Festival event at a local park. We decided to let the kids blow off some energy there this afternoon. We ended up staying for 2 hours!

They had bounce houses and blow up obstacle courses. The poor teenagers that were monitoring the big obstacle course got quite a workout hoisting Tom and Abby up the "rock wall" at the end of the obstacle course, since Tom and Abby were far too small to climb the wall themselves. They had so much fun bouncing and running from event to event.

The church also provided free hot dogs, ice cold water, different flavored icee's as well as cotton candy. Tom was curious about he cotton candy so we went over to check it out. Tom and Abby waited in line for about 5 minutes and then finally they each had their own spool of cotton candy to munch on. Tom did not know what to make of it. First he crinkles his nose like it stinks and says, "is it hair?" We told him to pull some off and take a bite. One touch of the cotton candy and he was over that. Too sticky! So we told him to just dive in and bite off a piece. One lick and he was over that too. Needless to say, Paul and I got to split his cotton candy. I doubt he'll be asking for that again anytime soon! Abby on the other hand was hesitant at first, but ended up loving it. (I got to finish hers too though.)

On our way home the twins were biking ahead of us and Tom pulls over near his school. He hops off his bike and peers into the chain link fence. He calls back to us, "Mom! Dad! It looks like they're building a new bench!" Sure enough at the far corner of the school play yard there was a pile of wood, it was a pallet actually, a sad looking pallet with missing slats used for covering a hole in the ground. It didn't seem very safe, if that was it's purpose, but I thought it was so funny that Tom thought they were going to build a bench with it. Considering the location, in the middle of the soccer field, it just wasn't likely.

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MamaLlama said...

It's nice to take part in the neighborhood festivities and even more a bonus when you can bicycle to them also. It was a lovely day yesterday too.