Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The World's A-Changing!

The twins are learning about the earth and science in Kindergarten. Yesterday they came home and told me all about the changing world. They said there are non-living things as well as living things on this planet. Who knew! I said, "you mean dirt and rocks and stuff?" Tom answers, "and scissors."

They are also learning about the calendar. They were so excited that "the world changed today" and now we're in September. Did you all feel the world change today?

While we were up at Sea Ranch they were looking at some flowers in the grass. They asked if the world would change if they picked them. I said yes. They were fascinated by that.

The best thing about September 1 is that we only have ONE MORE MONTH until October 1, the twins' birthday! And boy do they know it. Tom has a laundry list about a mile long of all the toys he wants for his birthday. I hope he's not disappointed when he doesn't get them all.

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