Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wedding!

September 19 will go down in history, not only as "Talk Like A Pirate Day" but also as the day a fairytale wedding took place for two special members of CF2's community.

Rhiannon and Kevin wed at sundown at a beautiful botanical garden tucked away in Carmichael, CA. I'm so glad Paul was there to take the photos because he said something about an "ISO" setting that confused the novice photographer than I am. If it's not point and shoot, I'm not able to use it. Since it was dusk the settings had to be adjusted to get some shots of the ceremony.

Tally and I had met up for dinner in downtown Sacramento the night before, and I felt like I'd met her a million times before already. As I was doing my impromptu duty of passing the rose petals out to each guest before the ceremony started Tally introduced me to Chris. I smiled and said hello and then it hit me, wait, Chris CHRIS? Like Chaggie, Chris? Yeah, he was at the wedding too! James was there as well, and we had met several times before because we both go to the same CF Center in Sac.

The reception was loads of fun, mostly because we were able to make fun of one another because no one was particularly good at bowling. I think Paul and Tally were the only ones to break a score of 100.

Right when Rhi and K arrived after a quick wardrobe change, there was a champagne toast by the best man and matron of honor. We mingled and bowled and took some pics before the pizza was served. There was a nightclub/bar attached to the bowling alley where we would occasionally sneak off to in between turns to refill our pints. Try not to have a heart attack when I tell you that carpools, enzymes, high fives and hugs were shared between CFers. *gasp!*

The cake was so amazing I ended up having 2 slices. Toward the end of the evening Rhi and K started a conga line. I'll tell you this though, after one lap around the bowling alley, singing and dancing, kicking and jumping, I was wiped! I think my sats dropped to 80! It took me a good 10 minutes to catch my breath. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one wishing I'd brought my o2 tank for that stunt. But it was so worth it! I think Paul and I were near the first to leave around 11:30. These kids sure now how to party! It was really a fun night and I'm so glad we were able to take part in Rhi and K's special day. Congratulations you two!

Click HERE for pictures!


Lisa said...

Sounds like such a great time!!!

MamaLlama said...

Glad to see everyone having a wonderful time. Loved your dress with the rose petal basket. The fluttering petals turned out great.

Amy said...

Looked like a fabulous time for all!!!!!!! I am so jealous you got to meet everyone! Isn't T awesome?!?! LOL!!!

And Paul did a great job with pics they look awesome!

whatsherface said...

The conga thing kicked my ass, too! My poor step sister-in-law thought she was getting a hug from me, but it was really a sweaty, let me stand here and lean on you for a minute while I try to catch my breath - seriously, it reminded me of the thing pregnant women do when they're having a contraction and sort of hug/lean on their hubbies.

Stupid CF.

The Mantha Family said...

That looks like a very fun reception! And you look beautiful Tara!