Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tom was telling me a story about how Abby was having trouble fitting all her lunch items back into her lunch box at school. It's partly my fault because I'm such a hippie I send them with re-usable containers instead of sandwich baggies. So they are big and bulky and some of her lunch boxes (she has 4, no joke) are smaller than others.

Tom said she was pretty upset. I asked her if she asked for help and she said Tom helped her. Then Tom says, "Is that why you wished for two babies in your tummy? So we can always help each other?" Isn't he the best big brother ever?


MamaLlama said...

Maybe you could baggie some items together in a container to save on space and help the crushibility issue.

Lisa said...

That is SO cute!!

they also have some reusable sandwich "baggies" that might help :) (for example:[]=tags&includes[]=title)_

Chipmunk Chatter said...

We are hippies too and we use containers for Hannah's food instead of baggies. She was having problems putting her lunch back together as well until I bought her a very large lunch bag at good ol' Target...I will show it to you this weekend.