Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Library Day

Tuesdays are school library day for the twins. They started going on the second day of school, so they've had 3 library days so far! They have only been able to take a book home twice though. Us parents had to sign out a second mortgage on our house to cover lost or stolen books first.

Now that they are able to take books home each week I assume they can pick whatever book they want. Somehow Tom has come home both weeks with a book we already have at home. He either really likes the story, or my best guess is, he already knows the story so he knows it's a good book. After all, why be stuck with a book that has a crappy story for 7 days? I mean you won't find out how the story turns out until you get home and Mom can read it to you. Why risk it!

Last week he brought home "Where The Wild Things Are." This week it's "The Cat In The Hat."

Abby on the other hand always picks books she's never seen before. She's so adventurous!

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