Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hold On, Aggies! Hold On!

Saturday night was the first UC Davis Aggie home opener football game. This year I promised the twins they could come with me to every game. It's unfortunate for a couple of reasons that the first game this season was so late in the day. For some reason they pushed the start time back an hour, so the game didn't begin until 7PM.

It's unfortunate it started that late because that meant it was going to be a very long late night for the kids. We didn't get home until 11PM! Luckily they slept in till almost 10AM. Another reason it was unfortunate is because somebody forgot to change the timers on the stadium lights. So there we were. All 5,000 fans or whatever, and at 10PM on the dot there is 55 seconds left in the game, the Aggies are looking to tie it up with one last touch down and boom! Darkness! All the lights went out. It was nearly pitch black for 10 minutes because the lights then had to stay off for 10 minutes before they could be re-booted. It was at that time that I decided to leave with the kids. I was almost afraid that if we did tie the game up, we'd have to stay for overtime. So I gathered them from the grassy hill and off we went.

For most of the game though, we were sitting in the stadium seats. Tom was really into it! He was cheering and watching the scoreboard. He was watching the game and asking questions. It was so darn cute! I asked him if he wanted to play football, but he was far more interested in the cheer leaders and cheering for them! There's this one cheer that Tom really enjoyed from some reason. When the Aggies were on defense he'd yell, "Hold 'em, Aggies! Hold 'em!" There was this 3 year old sitting next to us and she started yelling with him, only she'd say, "Hold on, Aggies! Hold on!" Whatever works, right?

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MamaLlama said...

How cute about the cheering. It must have been fun leaving in the dark but twins probably thought it was a great adventure.