Thursday, September 03, 2009


In our house we have "healthy food" and "not healthy food." Fruits and vegetables are healthy food, and everything else is not healthy food. After lunch and after dinner, if the twins want a treat, they MUST have a piece of fruit or vegetable. Tom's choices are very slim. He'll eat bananas on occasion, strawberries (but not as much this week) and apples. That's it. Abby has a wider variety of fruits and even some vegetables that she'll eat.

Last night after dinner I announced that I bought GoGurt. We had tried this stuff at Sea Ranch last weekend when my sister bought it for her boyfriend's son. The twins LOVED it! Tom asked me if I bought the GoGurt at Sea Ranch. I told him I found it at our Target here in EG. He went on to repeat this to Daddy, "Mom found Gogurt at OUR Target!!!"

They were so excited to have some GoGurt that I was ready to accept the Gogurt as their healthy food. They're not big snackers on yogurt and I know it's good for them so I was going to give them some leniency. Well Abby quickly shouts, "I need my healthy food so I can have Gogurt for dessert!" Good enough for me! And that's exactly what they did. Gogurt does have a little bit more sugar per ounce of yogurt than the other Yoplait products the twins like, but it's really negligible.

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The Mantha Family said...

Ashley has refused most dairy foods and definitely has refused yogurt, but a few weeks ago at Costco they were tasting Gogurt and she tried it and loved it - so we bought some, of course. She thinks it is a treat too! Just goes to show that marketing makes all the difference. We've picked up a few new foods thanks to Costco tastings.