Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dusty Twins

Tom and Abby are SO EXCITED about their birthday. They've woken up everyday for the last week and rushed to their school calendars on the fridge to cross of the current day so it seems even closer to Thursday.

This morning Tom was teasing Abby that her birthday was really on October 2, even though his was on October 1 and boy was she mad! She yelled and kicked, "But we're twins!" Poor thing. So being the nostalgic mom that I am we sat here and went through these pictures to prove they were born at the same time. However, when I got to this picture his face changed from all smiles and he got real serious, "Mom? Why am I all dusty?" Once we got further in the photo set when he was wrapped up and appeared less "dusty" he enjoyed the rest of the photos though.


PxT said...

He does look a little dusty. They should really keep that hospital clean!

Elizabeth said...

Hi -- thanks very much for your comments on the Liam blog the other day. It was great to hear from you. Beautiful baby photos -- twins must be so much work but so much fun!

The Mantha Family said...

Doesn't looking at these pictures make you cry? They're not even my kids and I teared up. It is such a miracle. Happy Birthday to Tom and Abby!