Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Capris Pants

The following is an actual conversation between Tom and I this evening as I was brushing his teeth.

Tom: "Mom? Do I have an capris?"
Me: "No. Where did you learn about capris?"
Tom: "Ms. Whitt said it in class today."
Me: "Why was Ms. Whitt talking about capris?"
Tom: "She said the Special Helper today was wearing capris."
Me: "Capris are for girls. Capris are longer than shorts but shorter than pants."
Tom: "Well I figured if I wore capris tomorrow I would be the Special Helper."

And that my friends is how the genius brain works.

Tomorrow: We tackle Tom's irrational fear of painting smocks. He got through 2 years of preschool without painting. Tomorrow and Friday are painting days in Kindergarten. Good luck Ms. Whitt!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Painting smocks are only a little better than bowling shoes (ok, quite a bit better...).

I'll be very interested in how she gets him over it, if she succeeds. :)