Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dusty Twins

Tom and Abby are SO EXCITED about their birthday. They've woken up everyday for the last week and rushed to their school calendars on the fridge to cross of the current day so it seems even closer to Thursday.

This morning Tom was teasing Abby that her birthday was really on October 2, even though his was on October 1 and boy was she mad! She yelled and kicked, "But we're twins!" Poor thing. So being the nostalgic mom that I am we sat here and went through these pictures to prove they were born at the same time. However, when I got to this picture his face changed from all smiles and he got real serious, "Mom? Why am I all dusty?" Once we got further in the photo set when he was wrapped up and appeared less "dusty" he enjoyed the rest of the photos though.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Expensive Spiderman!

On Monday I found myself at Wal Mart while the twins were in school. I hadn't planned on staying long, but that all changed when I got to the boys department.

Tom's been asking me why he doesn't have any Spiderman toys. He really likes Spiderman now so when I'm out and about I try and look for things here and there to feed his newfound obsession. As I was cruising around Wal Mart I found a t-shirt with Spiderman on it. There were 4 or 5 hanging together and none of them had a price tag on it. Most of the time Wal Mart's character tee's are a whopping $7. I just wanted to find a similar shirt, no matter what size, that had a price tag on it. I didn't want to be the one that held up the line at the cashier as the employees scrambled to price my item.

Well luck would have it as I was hunting the racks and not finding what I needed the gal pricing all the clearance items was there with a big cart and lots of electronic equipment. I asked her if she could find a price for my shirt and she said, "oh, I set those aside because I couldn't find a price on them. Let me go get my stuff."

Well I waited and shopped and waited some more, not wanting to travel far from the area I had found her, but soon I got pretty bored. Yup, TEN minutes had gone by. Did she go to lunch? Did she get lost? Go home? What happened to her and her "stuff?" 30 minutes later, yes, THIRTY minutes later, she emerged from the big back room with a box full of "stuff" but no answers.

We walked our way back to the boys department together and then what does she do? She starts hunting the racks for a similar shirt with a price tag on it. Hello! It's not there! Finally she came to the same conclusion as I, there were no priced shirts of this type. Luck would have it, about this time her manager came by and they quickly decided on $3. I waited a half hour for a $3 shirt? I'm not sure if I should be happy or annoyed.

So get this. The manager lady calls the cashier area to report that I'll be walking up there with a Spiderman shirt and they are to charge me $3 for it. Except I don't know who she called because I had to explain the whole situation to my cashier. She happily charged me $3 and once I told her the whole story she told me she should have given me an additional discount because I had to wait so long.

In the end, I think Tom will be happy to get this $3 shirt for his birthday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wedding!

September 19 will go down in history, not only as "Talk Like A Pirate Day" but also as the day a fairytale wedding took place for two special members of CF2's community.

Rhiannon and Kevin wed at sundown at a beautiful botanical garden tucked away in Carmichael, CA. I'm so glad Paul was there to take the photos because he said something about an "ISO" setting that confused the novice photographer than I am. If it's not point and shoot, I'm not able to use it. Since it was dusk the settings had to be adjusted to get some shots of the ceremony.

Tally and I had met up for dinner in downtown Sacramento the night before, and I felt like I'd met her a million times before already. As I was doing my impromptu duty of passing the rose petals out to each guest before the ceremony started Tally introduced me to Chris. I smiled and said hello and then it hit me, wait, Chris CHRIS? Like Chaggie, Chris? Yeah, he was at the wedding too! James was there as well, and we had met several times before because we both go to the same CF Center in Sac.

The reception was loads of fun, mostly because we were able to make fun of one another because no one was particularly good at bowling. I think Paul and Tally were the only ones to break a score of 100.

Right when Rhi and K arrived after a quick wardrobe change, there was a champagne toast by the best man and matron of honor. We mingled and bowled and took some pics before the pizza was served. There was a nightclub/bar attached to the bowling alley where we would occasionally sneak off to in between turns to refill our pints. Try not to have a heart attack when I tell you that carpools, enzymes, high fives and hugs were shared between CFers. *gasp!*

The cake was so amazing I ended up having 2 slices. Toward the end of the evening Rhi and K started a conga line. I'll tell you this though, after one lap around the bowling alley, singing and dancing, kicking and jumping, I was wiped! I think my sats dropped to 80! It took me a good 10 minutes to catch my breath. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one wishing I'd brought my o2 tank for that stunt. But it was so worth it! I think Paul and I were near the first to leave around 11:30. These kids sure now how to party! It was really a fun night and I'm so glad we were able to take part in Rhi and K's special day. Congratulations you two!

Click HERE for pictures!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Capris Pants

The following is an actual conversation between Tom and I this evening as I was brushing his teeth.

Tom: "Mom? Do I have an capris?"
Me: "No. Where did you learn about capris?"
Tom: "Ms. Whitt said it in class today."
Me: "Why was Ms. Whitt talking about capris?"
Tom: "She said the Special Helper today was wearing capris."
Me: "Capris are for girls. Capris are longer than shorts but shorter than pants."
Tom: "Well I figured if I wore capris tomorrow I would be the Special Helper."

And that my friends is how the genius brain works.

Tomorrow: We tackle Tom's irrational fear of painting smocks. He got through 2 years of preschool without painting. Tomorrow and Friday are painting days in Kindergarten. Good luck Ms. Whitt!

Hold On, Aggies! Hold On!

Saturday night was the first UC Davis Aggie home opener football game. This year I promised the twins they could come with me to every game. It's unfortunate for a couple of reasons that the first game this season was so late in the day. For some reason they pushed the start time back an hour, so the game didn't begin until 7PM.

It's unfortunate it started that late because that meant it was going to be a very long late night for the kids. We didn't get home until 11PM! Luckily they slept in till almost 10AM. Another reason it was unfortunate is because somebody forgot to change the timers on the stadium lights. So there we were. All 5,000 fans or whatever, and at 10PM on the dot there is 55 seconds left in the game, the Aggies are looking to tie it up with one last touch down and boom! Darkness! All the lights went out. It was nearly pitch black for 10 minutes because the lights then had to stay off for 10 minutes before they could be re-booted. It was at that time that I decided to leave with the kids. I was almost afraid that if we did tie the game up, we'd have to stay for overtime. So I gathered them from the grassy hill and off we went.

For most of the game though, we were sitting in the stadium seats. Tom was really into it! He was cheering and watching the scoreboard. He was watching the game and asking questions. It was so darn cute! I asked him if he wanted to play football, but he was far more interested in the cheer leaders and cheering for them! There's this one cheer that Tom really enjoyed from some reason. When the Aggies were on defense he'd yell, "Hold 'em, Aggies! Hold 'em!" There was this 3 year old sitting next to us and she started yelling with him, only she'd say, "Hold on, Aggies! Hold on!" Whatever works, right?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Happy Bloggerversary to Me!

I wasn't going to blog today, but then I noticed the date, and I just HAD to! 8 years ago today I started this little thing called an online diary. So it's my anniversary of sorts! It's a good thing I threw a party today. We had Michelle, Tamiko, Jenn, Sophia, Lisa, Kevin, Caroline and Katherine to visit. I made a very special faux pas of serving chicken sandwiches to a vegetarian. I mean, I know it's been 10 years since I saw Lisa, but in my old age, I have absolutely no recollection that she didn't eat meat. We lived together under the same roof for 2 years from 1997-1999. Whoops!

In other news I went to Targets today (that's plural on purpose) to buy the Balance Buddy. What's a Balance Buddy you ask? It's a back saver! You see it's this long handle that attaches to your little one's bike so you don't end up breaking your back holding them up when they insist on riding a two wheeler. Poor Paul had a back ache yesterday from trying to teach Tom how to ride. So today I woke to find an email from a preschool mom friend that said her older son had great success with this gadget.

We went to Target #1 and they were out of stock. Lucky for me 3 miles up the road there is Target #2 and they had 2 in stock! When Abby got out of the car she was holding her imaginary kitten. She carefully put kitty cat on a leash and walked her into the store. The whole time Tom is saying, "NO ABBY! You left your cat in the car! I want you to leave your cat in the car." So I had Tom on one side of me and I'm whispering, "fine Tom, the cat's in the car." and all the while Abby's yelling back, "NO TOM! I brought the cat with me on the leash. I want to bring the cat to Target!" So I'm whispering to Abby, "fine Abby, keep your cat on the leash." This went back and forth until we got in the store and they were distracted by all the colors and fluorescent lighting.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tom was telling me a story about how Abby was having trouble fitting all her lunch items back into her lunch box at school. It's partly my fault because I'm such a hippie I send them with re-usable containers instead of sandwich baggies. So they are big and bulky and some of her lunch boxes (she has 4, no joke) are smaller than others.

Tom said she was pretty upset. I asked her if she asked for help and she said Tom helped her. Then Tom says, "Is that why you wished for two babies in your tummy? So we can always help each other?" Isn't he the best big brother ever?


In our house we have "healthy food" and "not healthy food." Fruits and vegetables are healthy food, and everything else is not healthy food. After lunch and after dinner, if the twins want a treat, they MUST have a piece of fruit or vegetable. Tom's choices are very slim. He'll eat bananas on occasion, strawberries (but not as much this week) and apples. That's it. Abby has a wider variety of fruits and even some vegetables that she'll eat.

Last night after dinner I announced that I bought GoGurt. We had tried this stuff at Sea Ranch last weekend when my sister bought it for her boyfriend's son. The twins LOVED it! Tom asked me if I bought the GoGurt at Sea Ranch. I told him I found it at our Target here in EG. He went on to repeat this to Daddy, "Mom found Gogurt at OUR Target!!!"

They were so excited to have some GoGurt that I was ready to accept the Gogurt as their healthy food. They're not big snackers on yogurt and I know it's good for them so I was going to give them some leniency. Well Abby quickly shouts, "I need my healthy food so I can have Gogurt for dessert!" Good enough for me! And that's exactly what they did. Gogurt does have a little bit more sugar per ounce of yogurt than the other Yoplait products the twins like, but it's really negligible.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Library Day

Tuesdays are school library day for the twins. They started going on the second day of school, so they've had 3 library days so far! They have only been able to take a book home twice though. Us parents had to sign out a second mortgage on our house to cover lost or stolen books first.

Now that they are able to take books home each week I assume they can pick whatever book they want. Somehow Tom has come home both weeks with a book we already have at home. He either really likes the story, or my best guess is, he already knows the story so he knows it's a good book. After all, why be stuck with a book that has a crappy story for 7 days? I mean you won't find out how the story turns out until you get home and Mom can read it to you. Why risk it!

Last week he brought home "Where The Wild Things Are." This week it's "The Cat In The Hat."

Abby on the other hand always picks books she's never seen before. She's so adventurous!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The World's A-Changing!

The twins are learning about the earth and science in Kindergarten. Yesterday they came home and told me all about the changing world. They said there are non-living things as well as living things on this planet. Who knew! I said, "you mean dirt and rocks and stuff?" Tom answers, "and scissors."

They are also learning about the calendar. They were so excited that "the world changed today" and now we're in September. Did you all feel the world change today?

While we were up at Sea Ranch they were looking at some flowers in the grass. They asked if the world would change if they picked them. I said yes. They were fascinated by that.

The best thing about September 1 is that we only have ONE MORE MONTH until October 1, the twins' birthday! And boy do they know it. Tom has a laundry list about a mile long of all the toys he wants for his birthday. I hope he's not disappointed when he doesn't get them all.