Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair and Wedding Weekend

Last Tuesday, yeah, a week ago, we went to the California State Fair. It was the first time ever that we had gone on a weekday. I think it turned out well.

Right when we arrived we found a guy selling discount tickets. He purchases a bunch of pre-sale tickets for $10 and general admission is $12 for adults. On Tuesdays, kids are free! So we got in for $20 instead of $24. But the savings didn't stop there.

We made our way to the midway and stood in line to buy ride tickets. Since it's kids day, ALL rides were $1 each! They are normally $3-$4 per ride, per person. As we were standing in line to buy tickets a lady came up to us and gave us $20 in ride tickets. She was on her way out and you can't get refunds, so she just gave them to us! That pretty much lasted us the whole night. I mean, we could have bought more tickets, but there were other things to see and do.

The twins loved all the rides. Poor Abby got so discouraged though. For a lot of the kiddie rides you have to be 42" tall. She's only 39" tall. On some of them she could ride with an adult, but on others, there was strict enforcement and she couldn't ride at all. Poor thing! We eventually found the rides for all the short kids and she had a blast!

I will post State Fair pictures later. My computer is not sharing with the desktop at the moment...

On Thursday we left for Sea Ranch. We went to a gorgeous wedding and had lots of fun and little sleep. I should really stop traveling so much because I never sleep well when I travel. Not to mention I didn't bring my oxygen with me because the concentrator didn't fit in the car and I didn't feel like renting a smaller one so I woke up each morning with co2 headaches from suffocating all night long. I can tell when I'm de-satting when I sleep because I have very vivid nightmares where I'm being chased and attacked by very bad people. It's very exhausting. Guess I can't get away with traveling without o2 anymore!

I think the biggest difference with this particular trip was the fact that we didn't bring our camera so we have NO PICTURES to share. No I'm not kidding. We totally forgot to bring our camera. Boo hoo. It was a little liberating though. When you have a camera, you feel responsible to document the whole trip. I felt like I was on a real vacation with nothing to do because we had no pictures to take. It was weird. I kinda never want to do it again.

The bride and groom did have a photo booth though so we had a couple pics taken in that booth. I'll upload those scanned pics when my computer cooperates one of these days as well. For now you'll just have to picture all 4 of us crammed into a photo booth making faces at you.

Paul fixed my iPhoto. As promised... the pictures!

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Chipmunk Chatter said...

A photo booth...what a great idea at your wedding!