Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Loads of Sweaty Fun

Last weekend, we went on a hunt. How hot does northern california get? I mean, the real northern, northern california. Ever wondered what it felt like to spend 3 days outdoors in the heat without air conditioning?

First we tried out Dairyville. What? Never heard of it? It has a bustling metropolis with 160 residents. I don't know why you've never been there. We found a bunch of Pezzy fanatics and had a great BBQ two days in a row. The biggest juiciest burgers you've ever tasted and the finest filet mignon. Of course Tom and Abby (and Paul) made a few Pez purchases as well. They had fun shopping and negotiating.

Sadly during Pez Bingo we had to escape to our air conditioned car and drive 2 hours north east to my brother's place. He lives near Big Bend, no, not Oregon. Big Bend, California is the closest town, with it's one school, one post office and one general store, with one 87 octane pump outside too. This town was even smaller than Dairyville, 149 residents.

While we waited for Sean we beat the heat with some popsicles under the large oak tree, our meeting spot. There's no cell phone service up here and Sean doesn't have a telephone, and since we arrived about an hour early, we just had to sit and wait for him to come down the mountain jeep trail so he could lead us up to his place.

The twins had a blast playing with his wolves, yes I'm serious. And I was pleasantly surprised they didn't mind the outhouse. It's basically a tiny tin structure with a plastic patio chair sitting atop a hole in the ground.

They enjoyed the campfire each night and ran so hard the second night they complained for the first time in their lives about sore quads and calf muscles! There was a loud thunder and lightning storm the first night. Abby slept through most of it, but Tom sat there with his ears covered. You should have seen the terror on his face. So he was invited into our bed for the night. Nothing like an elbow to the head or a knee to the back to keep me on my toes all night long. He sure knows how to wiggle!

Not only did the twins have their first s'more's, their first soda their first quad ride and their first outdoor solar heated shower this weekend but the also had their first swim in a river! Who needs baths? They LOVED it! I hadn't planned on swimming so I didn't bring suits or extra sunscreen, so I didn't let them play more than a half hour. We all took a ride in what I like to call The Beast, to get to the hot springs and river.

This trail had some serious 4x4 activity to get down there. It was quite bumpy and if I didn't trust my brother so much there was a point where I thought we might have tipped over.

This rustic living is certainly not for me. I definitely enjoy modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing and electricity. My brother has some solar power and generators so there are a few lights but no fridge or hot water at the sink. Things like that which you may take for granted living in the city. Get this, he boils water on his propane stove to wash dishes. Yeah, crazy, right? I'm glad we went though because it was important to him. It may not be my kind of living but he sure enjoyed showing his place off to us and the twins loved it! Abby didn't want to leave. She had it all worked out, she could stay there and live with Uncle Sean.


Tamiko said...

Wow! I'm proud of you and so glad you went with the kids. I don't know if I would have been able to hang with that for too long. What an experience the kids got!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

That is crazy! I am proud of you too for surviving that. Does he live there by himself?

The Mantha Family said...

OK, so I had thought the posts you did about going to your brothers were a joke - like he lives in the middle of nowhere meaning he doesn't have a DVR and wireless internet. Now I get it! Sounds like quite an adventure. How were you able to do your treatments if there was no electricity?

Nicole said...

wow what a cool experience for the kids to have--I didnt know there was ANYWHERE that rural in CA--shows whaat I know. So you two are a bit different than one another eh?