Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

On the first day of school, I tried and tried to get great photos of the twins. Abby was doing funky movements with her arms, like twisting them up in the backpack straps and Tom, well, he didn't want to be in front of the camera at all. I bribed them with a rice crispy treat reward and I think I got a couple decent shots. Nothing spectacular. And why oh why, when I say "cheese" does Abby make these ridiculous faces? She has such a beautiful smile when it's natural but she has this most hilarious cheese face when it's forced. In the past, I've told her to use her "laughing face" because it general turns out great in a photo when she giggles on queue, however today she was holding her belly and bobbing forwards and backwards like Santa Clause whenever I told her to laugh.

The bike ride to school was uneventful. We got there in plenty of time and had to wait for the school gates to open. All the parents had to stay with their children for the first half hour or so and do some ice breaker activities. I'll tell you, I was sweating by the time it was done because I had to run back and forth between Tom and Abby's tables in between each activity to get it all done. We had to do things like find their cubby, write their name, trace their hand, wash their hands (poor Abby is so tiny she cannot reach the soap dispenser) and introduce themselves to a classmate and the teacher.

After school the twins came home pretty tired and hungry. They had snack time at school, but Abby's fig newtons got crushed in her lunchbox and in her words, "they made a big mess mom, I couldn't eat them!" And she was right. Fig newton exploded all over the lunch box. She ate half a frozen mini pizza, some cantaloupe and promptly passed out on the couch for an hour while Wall-E was blaring in the background.

I knew there was a second set of twins in their class and I asked Tom if he noticed any other twins. He said no. Then I proceeded to tell Paul about the other twin girls and how mean it was of their parents to dress them EXACTLY the same. Then Tom pipes up and says, "Oh yeah! There were these two girls there and they had the same dress on and they looked the same! I think they might be twins." They most definitely are twins! I'm not sure if they are identical, but they sure are very VERY similar looking! I can't tell them apart yet.

They already came home with homework. Tons of paperwork for me to fill out. It took me about 2 hours to sift through it, read it and fill out all I needed to fill out. I joined the PTA, I volunteered to be a Room Mom for the twins' classroom and I joined the school's MOMS club, which is Mothers Of Marvelous Students. Paul also joined the DOGS club which is Dads of Great Students.

So far the twins homework consists of decorating a shoe box and memorizing a list of sight words (like "the" "and" "of" etc) There are 10 words to memorize and by the end of the year they have to have at least 50 memorized but up to 200! Once they've mastered the set of 10 at home, they are tested in school and they move onto the next set. I made flash cards and we went over them after story time last night. I bet it won't be long until they have all 200 memorized! They are so ready to read.

One thing I didn't count on, while making plans to walk the 2/10 of a mile to/from school everyday was the heat. I kinda forgot how hot it gets when you're walking around the block at 2:30 in the afternoon. I was drenched in sweat when I came home! It's not worth the parking lot circus to drive, so we'll just put up with the heat until it goes away. I'm sure in a few months I'll be complaining about the rain!


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Congrats to Tom & Abby on their first day!

By the way...Hannah does the same ridiculous forced smile when I try and take a picture of her...so frustrating. :)

The Mantha Family said...

Rock on - the PTA and a Room Mom - you go Tara!! I love that you want to be so involved at their school. I want to be like that too.