Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two Little Fishies

Tom and Abby thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 Westley/Caruso family reunion. This is my mother's side of the family. She has 4 siblings and between them I have 14 cousins, in addition to my own 3 siblings. And between those cousins and siblings there are 6 more kids. Basically it was a full house topping out at nearly 50 family members!

My Aunt so graciously hosted and it couldn't have been a more perfect location.

She hired a professional taco chef for Friday night. They were so good, I ate 6 tacos.

Between the tacos and unlimited margaritas and snow cones, a good time was had by all.

The twins enjoyed swimming so much it was hard to coax them out of the pool to eat! For the first time they used kick boards instead of inner tubes and they loved it!

Saturday was game day. We took a big family photo just before the giant kick ball game, topped off with a huge water balloon fight in the pool and ice cream in the hot tub. I'm sure once Paul gets home he'll do some photo editing and add many pics to flickr, but for now these will suffice.

I hadn't played kick ball since elementary school. I haven't sprinted in years either. And boy did these lungs fail me! I sprinted around the bases, after completely tripping on my own two feet to get to first base and bruising my arm so bad I thought I broke it. I was so out of breath I gasped for nearly 10 minutes afterward. After that, every time it was my turn to kick I had a runner. I had lots of young healthy cousins there, so why not?

I hope we do a reunion again next year!

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The Mantha Family said...

Was that your aunt's backyard? Wow - it is beautiful!