Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ready, Set, Swim!

Monday marked the first of 10 swimming lessons for the twins. I chose a bright and early spot, 10:10 AM lessons, because last year it was really hot and it sure was easier on me to get the lessons out of the way before it got to 100 degrees out.

Well this year mother nature is being cruel. It's been fuh-reezing here! The daytime temps are topping out at 85 degrees lately and what that means is the 10AM temperatures are not even 70! And when the pool is not heated, let's just say BRRRRR!

Both of the kids got out of the pool on Monday and they were so cold, it took them nearly a half hour to warm up. Abby got out and announced she was NOT coming back the next day. Well on Tuesday morning, before the lessons began, I thought maybe they would benefit from some wetsuits! But of course there simply was not enough time to shop before class so off to class we went.

I told Abby she could just sit on the side and not go in. Well the instructor didn't think that was a good idea and pulled Abby in kicking and screaming. For the first 5 minutes Abby was trying to climb out the side of the pool! The instructor kept pulling her back in. Then the instructor was holding her and Abby was clenching onto her screaming "Get me OUT! I don't want to be in here!" She finally did calm down but did not enjoy herself at all.

So after the lessons we went to our local sporting goods store and found some wetsuits. I was worried they wouldn't work well because they weren't really tight. So I layered their suits on underneath this morning and off we went.

It was a success! Abby told my mom after she got out of the pool, "My teeth didn't even click together once!" I mean, they weren't warm in the pool, but their temperaments were like night and day from yesterday to today. So I suppose it was worth the extra money. The suits ended up costing me as much as the lessons! At least I know they will grow into them and fit next year (fingers crossed)


Amy said...

awe poor things!!!! I'm glad they worked though!!!

Mother Nature has been great here so far. I'm sitting downstairs wrapped in a blanket because it's so mid-July!!!! Craziness!!! But hey no use for the AC which is good since everyone seems to be broke LOL!

PxT said...

I like Tom's gang signs. Westside!

Jenn said...

That picture is hilarious! Their poses make them look much older.

The Mantha Family said...

They are too cute in their wetsuits!