Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Biggest Furriest Patient

Orion does not like to be boarded in a kennel. When he was a puppy we used a boarding facility that had small kennels and when we got him home, he was so stressed out he had licked all the fur off one of his paws. After that incident we didn't board him at all and it never happened again.

Since we moved 3 years ago, we've been using a boarding facility that has 20 foot long dog runs, half of the dog run is under cover, indoors and the other 10 feet is outdoors. He LOVES it there! We've had no issues, except when he came home with kennel cough once, and yes, he already had the vaccine.

Well fast forward to this 4th of July holiday. Paul and I both fell down on our job and did not secure him a spot at our boarding facility. Paul frantically called a bunch of facilities and we found one that had an open spot. They said he had a blast there, and even spent time in the pool. I have the pictures to prove it!

Well it turns out this facility has small kennels where the dogs sleep at night. So even though Orion is only 80 pounds and the kennel is rated for dogs up to 150 pounds it stressed him out and he licked the fur off two of his paws! So I've been wrapping them up and bought him a cone for his head. Unfortunately the XXL cone is not big enough!

He can still get to his feet. Which is why I wrap them. I think it feels good to him to have them medicated and wrapped. He seems to leave them alone for the most part, but last night he ripped off the pretty purple coband I bought for him. The good news is, I think they are healing. They are definitely bleeding less and they should start growing hair again soon. But for now the poor fellow is hobbling around like a gimp.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Poor Orion! When I heard he licked the fur off his feet I thought it was at Elite and I was worried that they were going down hill! I also tried to book Tulip there this 4th of July with no luck...we dropped the ball to.
I hope Orion gets better soon. :)

CowTown said...

Poor baby newfy!!! He's such a cutie.

The Mantha Family said...

At least he had fun while he was there during the day. Did the kennel give you the pictures or did you take them when you picked him up?