Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had a very interesting morning with the twins and I was all set to blog about it, but I'm going to have to save that post because this is too ridiculous not to share first.

So today was like any other summer day. I took the twins to swimming lessons and we got home around 11:15. At this point we are all usually ready for lunch. My first stop is the laundry room. I put all the twins' bathing suits and towels in the washing machine and turn it on. Then I take their wetsuits and stick them under running cold water to soak in the laundry room sink. Usually I wait the 3 or 4 minutes to turn the tap off, but today for some reason I shut the door and left the room.

During this time I was busy making phone calls and unpacking the ice chest from swimming etc. And then... I noticed it... Water coming from under the laundry room floor onto my carpet! Believe it or not, this is not the first time this has happened! The first thing that crossed my mind was that the washer had detached itself from the faucet in the wall and was spilling water from there. Nope. Not it. I had let the laundry room sink overflow so much there was easily and inch of water all over the floor.

I panicked and ran to get some towels to stop it from seeping deeper into the carpet. Then I frantically called Paul at work because I knew what I had to do, I just didn't know how to do it, run the ShopVac!

I figured out the beast of the machine and sucked up a bunch of water until it just stopped. Curious, I called Paul again and asked him if it would just stop sucking up water if it was full. He didn't know so I hung up and tried to empty the thing. Well, now I've got like 6 or 8 gallons of water to dump out of this thing so it's quite heavy! I rolled it to the end of the garage to tip it down the driveway. Well I didn't roll it far enough, and when I finally got enough oomph to tip the bin the water not only spilled down the driveway, but back up the driveway into the garage! (keep in mind it's on wheels so every time I tried to tip it, it just rolled away from me) I had to use my cat like reflexes to save the power cord, detach it and roll the stinking thing further down the driveway. Then I hooked it up again and started back at the now decreased pond in my laundry room.

After awhile it was just easier to soak up the rest with towels. Lucky for me I already had a load in the washer and I was able to add the towels to that load. We still have a big project ahead of us tonight because obviously even with my greek god like strength I could not budge the washer or dryer to sop up the water under those.

Now what lead to this adventure in the first place? I like to call it multi-tasking, but really it's my darn brain! I forget everything! I just forgot I had turned the water on.

For example, while I was on the phone with Paul I ended up hanging up with him for the final time in the garage. I put the phone down and left it there. I kid you not when I say I went into the garage no less than SIX times to retrieve the phone, but every time I got into the garage I forgot why I was there or I found something else to do. This happens to me on a daily basis, multiple times, but usually with less catastrophic side effects than flooding the house.


Amy said...

OMFG too funny and not at the same time! Hope you can get all that water up :)

Tamiko said...

Yikes. What a morning! Makes my day seem so boring in comparison!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

You have the most interesting stories! And I think the memory thing is our age or is being sucked out by our kids b/c I have the same problem. We went to Subway for dinner last night and before we went I was reviewing out Subway coupons that we got in the mail. Like 5 minutes later I could not remember for the life of me where I put the coupons and when I finally found them like 10 minutes later and put them by the door, I then walked out the door and got in the car without the coupons and then had to go back in to get them. Luckily though once I got inside Id didn't forget the reason I was there. :) Craziness!

The Mantha Family said...

I guess your laundry room floor is super clean now, right? Sorry you had to clean up the water mess. My memory has gotten progressively worse since having kids too.