Saturday, July 11, 2009

The End of the Nap?

Yesterday the twins were playing so well and quietly in their bedroom just before nap time that I asked them if they wanted to skip their nap. They were more than pleased! I told them they couldn't come out of their room until the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 4 and they had to play quietly and let mommy nap. And they (almost) did it! They woke me up around 3:40, which was 2 hours after I'd been in their room. Not bad! I'm so lucky they have each other as playmates!

I'm thinking about phasing out the nap soon. They are going to start kindergarten on August 17, that's 5 weeks away! And there will be no time for naps then! The bonus of not napping is that they slept in till 8:45 this morning. It was so niiiice! Now if only I didn't wake myself up at 6:45, I could have fully benefitted.

I'm not sure we'll be skipping a nap today. We'll see how it goes. They're kinda dragging already, so we'll see where we are in a half hour.

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Chipmunk Chatter said...

Hannah is already dropping her's killin' me!