Monday, July 27, 2009

Rewind... Swimming Lessons

I'm so behind on this blog! So here's a little something that happened over a week ago.

The twins finished their swimming lessons! On the last day they went over all the skills they learned. Basically they cannot swim, so there wasn't much to cover.

They did lots of stuff with the instructor though, and played water games and then went off the diving board! Last year they wouldn't go near it. They were the only ones not to go off the diving board. This year they were so hesitant and scared, however they managed to walk to the end and just stand there. They each got thrown in by an instructor.

And yes, they were the only ones wearing wetsuits. All the other kids toughed it out with nothing but a bathing suit. Suckers!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Featured on the News!

Incase you're living under a rock and not following my twitter (shame on you) I'll blog about our morning here too.

It's not every day you get a satellite truck in your driveway.

But we're getting used to it, as this is our SECOND appearance on local TV. The last one was on PBS 3 years ago, which is how this Kooky Collector reporter for a local news station found Paul and his Pez obsession. Unbeknownst to us, Paul actually made the "best of" series on that PBS show.

Click here for the video from Good Day Sacramento this morning.

Click here for vintage footage on PBS circa 2006.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had a very interesting morning with the twins and I was all set to blog about it, but I'm going to have to save that post because this is too ridiculous not to share first.

So today was like any other summer day. I took the twins to swimming lessons and we got home around 11:15. At this point we are all usually ready for lunch. My first stop is the laundry room. I put all the twins' bathing suits and towels in the washing machine and turn it on. Then I take their wetsuits and stick them under running cold water to soak in the laundry room sink. Usually I wait the 3 or 4 minutes to turn the tap off, but today for some reason I shut the door and left the room.

During this time I was busy making phone calls and unpacking the ice chest from swimming etc. And then... I noticed it... Water coming from under the laundry room floor onto my carpet! Believe it or not, this is not the first time this has happened! The first thing that crossed my mind was that the washer had detached itself from the faucet in the wall and was spilling water from there. Nope. Not it. I had let the laundry room sink overflow so much there was easily and inch of water all over the floor.

I panicked and ran to get some towels to stop it from seeping deeper into the carpet. Then I frantically called Paul at work because I knew what I had to do, I just didn't know how to do it, run the ShopVac!

I figured out the beast of the machine and sucked up a bunch of water until it just stopped. Curious, I called Paul again and asked him if it would just stop sucking up water if it was full. He didn't know so I hung up and tried to empty the thing. Well, now I've got like 6 or 8 gallons of water to dump out of this thing so it's quite heavy! I rolled it to the end of the garage to tip it down the driveway. Well I didn't roll it far enough, and when I finally got enough oomph to tip the bin the water not only spilled down the driveway, but back up the driveway into the garage! (keep in mind it's on wheels so every time I tried to tip it, it just rolled away from me) I had to use my cat like reflexes to save the power cord, detach it and roll the stinking thing further down the driveway. Then I hooked it up again and started back at the now decreased pond in my laundry room.

After awhile it was just easier to soak up the rest with towels. Lucky for me I already had a load in the washer and I was able to add the towels to that load. We still have a big project ahead of us tonight because obviously even with my greek god like strength I could not budge the washer or dryer to sop up the water under those.

Now what lead to this adventure in the first place? I like to call it multi-tasking, but really it's my darn brain! I forget everything! I just forgot I had turned the water on.

For example, while I was on the phone with Paul I ended up hanging up with him for the final time in the garage. I put the phone down and left it there. I kid you not when I say I went into the garage no less than SIX times to retrieve the phone, but every time I got into the garage I forgot why I was there or I found something else to do. This happens to me on a daily basis, multiple times, but usually with less catastrophic side effects than flooding the house.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The End of the Nap?

Yesterday the twins were playing so well and quietly in their bedroom just before nap time that I asked them if they wanted to skip their nap. They were more than pleased! I told them they couldn't come out of their room until the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 4 and they had to play quietly and let mommy nap. And they (almost) did it! They woke me up around 3:40, which was 2 hours after I'd been in their room. Not bad! I'm so lucky they have each other as playmates!

I'm thinking about phasing out the nap soon. They are going to start kindergarten on August 17, that's 5 weeks away! And there will be no time for naps then! The bonus of not napping is that they slept in till 8:45 this morning. It was so niiiice! Now if only I didn't wake myself up at 6:45, I could have fully benefitted.

I'm not sure we'll be skipping a nap today. We'll see how it goes. They're kinda dragging already, so we'll see where we are in a half hour.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Biggest Furriest Patient

Orion does not like to be boarded in a kennel. When he was a puppy we used a boarding facility that had small kennels and when we got him home, he was so stressed out he had licked all the fur off one of his paws. After that incident we didn't board him at all and it never happened again.

Since we moved 3 years ago, we've been using a boarding facility that has 20 foot long dog runs, half of the dog run is under cover, indoors and the other 10 feet is outdoors. He LOVES it there! We've had no issues, except when he came home with kennel cough once, and yes, he already had the vaccine.

Well fast forward to this 4th of July holiday. Paul and I both fell down on our job and did not secure him a spot at our boarding facility. Paul frantically called a bunch of facilities and we found one that had an open spot. They said he had a blast there, and even spent time in the pool. I have the pictures to prove it!

Well it turns out this facility has small kennels where the dogs sleep at night. So even though Orion is only 80 pounds and the kennel is rated for dogs up to 150 pounds it stressed him out and he licked the fur off two of his paws! So I've been wrapping them up and bought him a cone for his head. Unfortunately the XXL cone is not big enough!

He can still get to his feet. Which is why I wrap them. I think it feels good to him to have them medicated and wrapped. He seems to leave them alone for the most part, but last night he ripped off the pretty purple coband I bought for him. The good news is, I think they are healing. They are definitely bleeding less and they should start growing hair again soon. But for now the poor fellow is hobbling around like a gimp.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ready, Set, Swim!

Monday marked the first of 10 swimming lessons for the twins. I chose a bright and early spot, 10:10 AM lessons, because last year it was really hot and it sure was easier on me to get the lessons out of the way before it got to 100 degrees out.

Well this year mother nature is being cruel. It's been fuh-reezing here! The daytime temps are topping out at 85 degrees lately and what that means is the 10AM temperatures are not even 70! And when the pool is not heated, let's just say BRRRRR!

Both of the kids got out of the pool on Monday and they were so cold, it took them nearly a half hour to warm up. Abby got out and announced she was NOT coming back the next day. Well on Tuesday morning, before the lessons began, I thought maybe they would benefit from some wetsuits! But of course there simply was not enough time to shop before class so off to class we went.

I told Abby she could just sit on the side and not go in. Well the instructor didn't think that was a good idea and pulled Abby in kicking and screaming. For the first 5 minutes Abby was trying to climb out the side of the pool! The instructor kept pulling her back in. Then the instructor was holding her and Abby was clenching onto her screaming "Get me OUT! I don't want to be in here!" She finally did calm down but did not enjoy herself at all.

So after the lessons we went to our local sporting goods store and found some wetsuits. I was worried they wouldn't work well because they weren't really tight. So I layered their suits on underneath this morning and off we went.

It was a success! Abby told my mom after she got out of the pool, "My teeth didn't even click together once!" I mean, they weren't warm in the pool, but their temperaments were like night and day from yesterday to today. So I suppose it was worth the extra money. The suits ended up costing me as much as the lessons! At least I know they will grow into them and fit next year (fingers crossed)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pollen Jogs

Tom and Abby are in love with "Bee Movie". Today after their bath Abby says to me,

"Mom, let me tell you something about bees. Pollen Jogs (read Jocks) search for flowers with pollen on them. Then they take the pollen back to the bee hive and make honey. I think I would like to try some honey. You should buy some honey."

Two Little Fishies

Tom and Abby thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 Westley/Caruso family reunion. This is my mother's side of the family. She has 4 siblings and between them I have 14 cousins, in addition to my own 3 siblings. And between those cousins and siblings there are 6 more kids. Basically it was a full house topping out at nearly 50 family members!

My Aunt so graciously hosted and it couldn't have been a more perfect location.

She hired a professional taco chef for Friday night. They were so good, I ate 6 tacos.

Between the tacos and unlimited margaritas and snow cones, a good time was had by all.

The twins enjoyed swimming so much it was hard to coax them out of the pool to eat! For the first time they used kick boards instead of inner tubes and they loved it!

Saturday was game day. We took a big family photo just before the giant kick ball game, topped off with a huge water balloon fight in the pool and ice cream in the hot tub. I'm sure once Paul gets home he'll do some photo editing and add many pics to flickr, but for now these will suffice.

I hadn't played kick ball since elementary school. I haven't sprinted in years either. And boy did these lungs fail me! I sprinted around the bases, after completely tripping on my own two feet to get to first base and bruising my arm so bad I thought I broke it. I was so out of breath I gasped for nearly 10 minutes afterward. After that, every time it was my turn to kick I had a runner. I had lots of young healthy cousins there, so why not?

I hope we do a reunion again next year!

June 2009 Update

June was a huge month here for the Telford Twins because they graduated from Preschool! The ceremony was very sweet. They sang songs with their classmates and received a memory book with pictures from throughout the school year. They were also absolutely tickled to each get a gift from Mom and Dad for their graduation. Tom got Megatron, a Transformer, and Abby got Fawn, one of Tinker Bell's fairy friends.

They may have graduated from preschool now, but things haven't changed much in the last 3 years. When Tom and Abby were nearly 2 years old they got into all sorts of mischief. One of the episodes included a trip to the pantry where they put a pretty good dent into a giant bag of potato chips. One afternoon this month, I was busy finishing up my afternoon treatment and they asked me if they could have some chips. I honestly thought, how much damage could they do in 5 minutes? By the time I got to the kitchen the chip bag was empty! They inhaled more than half a bag of potato chips in 5 minutes. Can you tell we usually ration junk food in small portions around here?

Thank you to everyone that donated to the Cystic Fibrosis research at UC Davis over the last few months. Collectively you helped us raise over $5,300 for Cystic Fibrosis research!

For pictures of the twins in June 2009 click here.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

October Last

Tom had a revelation yesterday. He rubs his hands together and says, "I just loooove our birthday." He was referring to his and Abby's birthday of course. I asked him why and he said, "Because it's on October First and Halloween is on October Last. So we have zero days to wait!" I believe he meant... once we get to October. Three months to go buddy.

The rumors are true. We have arrived in Claremont for the extended Westley/Caruso Family reunion. I have yet to see anyone but a Linehan, but I hear they are on their way. Maybe tomorrow.

We enjoyed ourselves this afternoon with a long dip in the pool What can I say, it was pretty darn warm, so we stayed awhile! Tom and Abby are pretty good on their brand new kick boards. Tom holds his stretched straight out in front of him and kicks like an Olympian. Abby tucks hers under her body and falls off, completely submerging herself, much to her surprise, about every three minutes. But she just gets right back on!

I think we may get to see some Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and Great Grandparents tomorrow!