Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weekend Away

Tom and Abby had a very exciting weekend with Grandma. Paul and I had a dinner party to go to on Saturday night, so we turned it into a childless weekend! It was a nice break, but I felt like I had MORE to do since we were trying to squeeze in all the things we can't do while the twins are at home into just 48 hours.

I got my oil changed which was a thrilling 2 hours on Friday afternoon, but it sure was nice not to have the twins under my feet. I actually got the 20.000 mile service on my car done at the same time, which is why I had to go to the dealership to do it. While I was there I thought I'd go and look at the new Taurus' since that's the model my mom's thinking about getting.

I ran into a salesman, surprise, surprise! I was telling him how I really wanted my mom to get a smaller more fuel efficient car. She lives by herself, she doesn't need all that room! So the salesman tried to talk me into selling her the Ford Fusion. It dawned on me that maybe the Fusion took the place of the Ford Contour, which used to be the smaller version of the Taurus.

So this salesman hands me his card and he says, "My name is Earl..... I'm on every Thursday night." And I just looked at him. I was thinking, that's pretty funny because I thought it was Friday afternoon! Why is he telling me he works every Thursday night? He had to clue me into his bad joke, "no, My Name is Earl... get it? I'm on every Thursday night?" Oh! I get it now. Thanks. I kid you not on his card it says, Earl "The Pearl". He wasn't willing to explain that nickname because I said, "Oh! Earl The Pearl, huh!" And he just looked at me, like I was crazy.

On Friday night Paul and I discovered Ma Jong's downtown. It's a really nice Pei Wei replacement since Pei Wei in Sacramento closed down some time ago. It also has a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for summer evenings in Sacramento! Not only that but it's open until 2AM for all your late night partiers since it's owned and connected to the bar, The Park Ultra Lounge.

On Saturday Paul and I went to the movies. We got to see Angels and Demons, which I liked a lot! I tried to nap that afternoon but just couldn't, so I got up to get ready for our outing with friends that night at Andy and Laura's new place. I love their new house, and it's pretty close to us. Much closer than Folsom was anyway. I had to drag Paul out of there around 10:15, and we were the first to leave! We still had to drive home and then of course I had an hours worth of breathing treatments to do... so I finally got to bed at midnight. Go me! That's a super late night for me, so even though I did get to sleep in on Sunday I pretty much spent the afternoon sleeping as well, after I got my morning treatments out of the way.

I think the twins were excited to see us when we went to pick them up from Grandma's. She had planned a big BBQ with Paul's parents and my sisters too. I think Tom was most happy to see me because then he could finally poop! This kid has the strangest pooping habits. He will not poop without me. He hadn't pooped since Thursday, so you can imagine how much he had to go. This was 3.5 days later! That my friends, is just how stubborn he is.

On the drive home the twins told us all about their weekend. They told us how on Sunday morning they got to watch a lot of TV, even tennis! I asked Tom if he was sure it was tennis and he said, "It was a tennis show for kids and grown ups. There was a man in a pink shirt and he was very upset that he didn't win. It was very exciting!" Only when he says exciting it sounds like esciting! (There's no X in his translation)

I'm so not looking forward to the rain this week. Yeah, it might RAIN in Sacramento. Um, hello Mother Nature, but did you happen to notice it's JUNE?

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earl the pearl.... basketball player from the 70s