Sunday, June 07, 2009

Telford Twins Tinker and Transform

The month of May was filled with Fairies and Transformers.

Abby is really into Tinker Bell and all of Tinker Bell's friends. She has 3 fairies that she must carry with her everywhere. Sounds simple, no? Well the fairies are a little bit smaller than a barbie doll and come with three small removable parts which include shoes and a bracelet. So that means nine bits and pieces that could come flying off at any given moment whether we are in a parking lot, at a grocery store or a restaurant... you get the idea. It's made for some very long delays when we go to disembark from the car and Silvermist has lost her left shoe.

Tom is obsessed with Transformers for the second month in a row. He spends his days confusing me as to which transformer he is at the moment, Heavens to Betsy, I call him by the wrong name. He also demands that we go shopping for new transformers on a daily basis, which has yet to happen, since his toy box is overflowing with goodies. Tom will transform at any given moment throughout the day, whether in public or in the privacy of his own home even naked, after a bath. He even makes mechanical sounds and wiggles his fingers from the tip top of his head over his whole body to the bottoms of his toes. Then he's off on all fours pretending to be Bumblebee or Optimus Prime.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to the Cystic Fibrosis research at UC Davis this year! It's not too late to participate in this year's fundraising efforts. Please click HERE.

For pictures of the twins from May 2009 click HERE.

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