Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Son, the Knight or the Princess?

On Sunday we had a really big day. We started off going to see "Up" in 3D. It was a great movie, but I'll warn ya.... might want to bring your tissues. Not a dry adult eye in the house. As we were driving to see the movie I mentioned to Paul that I hoped they had child size glasses. He said, "Well if they don't it's a huge oversight since half the audience is children." Well guess what Disney/Regal Cinemas.... HUGE OVERSIGHT!

The glasses were ok on Tom and just about ever other 2 or 3 or 4 year old in the audience. But Abby. Poor little teeny tiny Abby with her delicate porcelain doll features. The glasses DID NOT fit her at all! I worked and worked on bending her little tiny ears out to hold the gigantic glasses. In the end she found that if she held her head completely still in the most awkward upward position ever, the glasses stayed on her little nose. I found out hours later she said her neck hurt from watching that movie. Poor Pumpkin Pie!

3D glasses have changed over the years. They actually look like real glasses. They are hard black plastic frames and the plastic lenses are clear with a hint of a tint, probably because they are polarized lenses I assume. So i think that may be the last 3D movie for Abby for awhile.... until she's 20 at least!

All in all the kids enjoyed the movie and the popcorn and the contraband skittles and drinks I brought in for them. Another complaint to Regal Cinemas. Soda? Really? That's ALL you have to drink? No juice? No lemonade? Just soda and Icee's. As if eating popcorn and skittles for lunch wasn't jeopardizing my glowing relationship with CPS.

Well after we saw the movie "Up" I tried to get some real food into the kiddies. Tom of course, would have none of it. So then I packed them up and headed to a birthday party. Yeah, more sugar. Yay!

This was a Knights and Princesses birthday party. The guest of honor was a Princess and there were 8 girls and 4 boys at the party. As the girls got called back one by one to put on their princess costumes Tom got sadder and sadder. I couldn't see him from where I was sitting in the parent gallery, but when I got up to check on him he had a Knight costume sitting on the floor next to him and his eyes were welling up with tears. He wanted to be a princess!

So I took him back to the princess dressing room and we picked out a lovely cinderella dress for him to wear. He was BEAMING! He had fun playing all the games. They had something like musical chairs, but instead of chairs, it was musical hula hoops. You had to stand in a hoop when the music stopped.

There was a second game, like red light green light, where the Princesses were at one end of the room and the Knights had to cross the "swamp" to rescue the princesses. They were instructed to stop and go as the princesses whispered "safe" or "danger" if the dragons were in the way. Believe it or not, Princess Tom was one of the first princesses rescued! Not one little kid made a fuss that Tom was the only boy in a dress. I guess 5 year olds are still innocent!


Amy said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The Mantha Family said...

That is too cute! Rock on Tom - be an individual!

Layne said...

I think it is great that you let Tom be Tom. My "D" loves Star Wars and Transformers more than Barbie.

We also bawled our eyes out over "up". It was a good movie though.