Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Stubborn

There's no doubt about it, that Tom is stubborn. Some of this comes from his OCD behavior. Things have to be done EXACTLY in a certain order, a certain way or at a certain time. But last night is a perfect example of his stubbornness.

Around 5PM Tom insists that we go out to dinner last night. He wanted to go to his favorite restaurant called I Love Teriyaki. Though he didn't say it, I knew he wanted to go there, not only because he loves their sesame chicken and rice, but because there is a frozen yogurt shop two doors down. He just loves frozen yogurt for dessert. He gets to pick the flavor (always vanilla) and 2 toppings which usually include gummy worms and runts.

He ate about half my plate of chicken (they are huge so we always share) and then proceeded to tell me he was too full for his rice. I told him he had to eat some rice if he wanted dessert. He looked completely perplexed! It's not like I'm asking him to move the earth here!

He insisted he was not hungry for dinner food and he could only fit dessert in his tummy. Paul and I insisted if he didn't eat at least one bite of rice he could not have dessert. I helped him pick the rice he wanted, put his favorite teriyaki sauce on it and then you would have thought I was trying to poison the kid with the way he squealed and squirmed and wriggled out of my lap.

He finally proclaims, "I'm not having dessert tonight." And that was that. So we all went to the frozen yogurt shop, let Abby pick her frozen yogurt, which is always chocolate, and her 2 toppings which vary. We all sat around the table while she ate. Tom watched closely, I felt so bad for him. It was his idea to come here and he couldn't eat dessert in the end.

He does this often at home, but it's not as big of a deal because Abby usually gets a couple of animal circus cookies while he plays happily in another part of the living room. He's just never refused dessert in public. He loves ice cream! I felt so bad for him, but it was his choice.


Amy said...


But it WAS his choice LOL, next time maybe he will eat the rice....

whatsherface said...

Way to stick to your guns!

Great; now I'm craving sesame chicken (a type of cuisine, I might add, that I normally would despise).