Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to K We Go!

I've hardly updated my blog all month and you get two updates in one day. Consider yourselves lucky!

Today Tom and Abby graduated from preschool. I thought I would be more emotional about it, but I think I was so busy capturing video and still photographs it was hard to get wrapped up in what was actually happening.

They were leaving preschool... FOREVER!

They sang three songs for all the moms and dads and then they got a mini yearbook from their teacher, Miss Pahla. Then they ran around the backyard like crazy until somebody got hurt.

Since today was a special day, the twins received new toys! They were so proud of their new toys this morning, but bummed to figure out they were never going to get to show them off on sharing day at preschool. Abby got a new fairy doll named Fawn. Apparently Fawn's talent (they all have talents) is helping Rosetta paint lady bugs, but Abby also informed me that Fawn teaches baby birds how to fly. A very talented fairy!

Tom got exactly what he wanted, the leader of the decepticons, Megatron. But for some reason Tom rolls the "r" like in spanish so it's "Megatrrrrron" around these parts! Unfortunately for Tom, mom is not versed in transforming Megatron from a robot to a tank, so we'll have to wait for Daddy to get home to learn all those details. Yes it does come with instructions... but seriously, unless you've done it before, that little piece of paper is not going to help you!


The Mantha Family said...

Wow! I can't believe they are done with preschool. Congrats!

CysticCyster said...

So freaking cute!!!!!!

My nephew starts kindergarten in September too. He is super excited!!