Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Fibbers

I have lying twins! They totally lied to me today. I told them around 11AM to pick up the teeny tiny beads they had strewn ALL OVER my living room floor and by 12:30 they were STILL complaining that it was too much work. Well I sat down to do my treatments around 1PM and told them to come into my room when they were done. They came in around 1:15 and told me they were all done and ready to watch some videos on the computer. I believed them and sent them on their way. It wasn't until 2:30, when they were sound asleep for their nap that I had a chance to get back into the living room and what did I find? A BIG mess! They totally lied to me and did not pick up their beads.

So during their nap I got on my hands and knees, picked up all the beads and hid them in a cabinet. When they woke up I asked them why they lied to me. Once again, they said it was too big of a mess and they needed my help. Keep in mind they have made and cleaned this mess numerous times on their own in the last month. They love these beads! Anyway, I told them lying to mommy is not ok and they had to sit in a timeout. I also told them they won't be seeing their beads for a very long time, not until they are ready to be able to pick up their messes. I feel so bad. Abby really cried when I told her to go to a time out. Then I just told them no more lying to mommy. I hope this mad an impression! We'll see....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mr. Stubborn

There's no doubt about it, that Tom is stubborn. Some of this comes from his OCD behavior. Things have to be done EXACTLY in a certain order, a certain way or at a certain time. But last night is a perfect example of his stubbornness.

Around 5PM Tom insists that we go out to dinner last night. He wanted to go to his favorite restaurant called I Love Teriyaki. Though he didn't say it, I knew he wanted to go there, not only because he loves their sesame chicken and rice, but because there is a frozen yogurt shop two doors down. He just loves frozen yogurt for dessert. He gets to pick the flavor (always vanilla) and 2 toppings which usually include gummy worms and runts.

He ate about half my plate of chicken (they are huge so we always share) and then proceeded to tell me he was too full for his rice. I told him he had to eat some rice if he wanted dessert. He looked completely perplexed! It's not like I'm asking him to move the earth here!

He insisted he was not hungry for dinner food and he could only fit dessert in his tummy. Paul and I insisted if he didn't eat at least one bite of rice he could not have dessert. I helped him pick the rice he wanted, put his favorite teriyaki sauce on it and then you would have thought I was trying to poison the kid with the way he squealed and squirmed and wriggled out of my lap.

He finally proclaims, "I'm not having dessert tonight." And that was that. So we all went to the frozen yogurt shop, let Abby pick her frozen yogurt, which is always chocolate, and her 2 toppings which vary. We all sat around the table while she ate. Tom watched closely, I felt so bad for him. It was his idea to come here and he couldn't eat dessert in the end.

He does this often at home, but it's not as big of a deal because Abby usually gets a couple of animal circus cookies while he plays happily in another part of the living room. He's just never refused dessert in public. He loves ice cream! I felt so bad for him, but it was his choice.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rumor Has It

Yes, the rumors are true. It's parked in the garage. Daddy has a new car!

Click here to find out what it is!

So we're at the dealership on Thursday afternoon dropping Daddy off to buy his new car and Abby circles the vehicle and then proclaims, right in front of the salesman in her squeaky voice, "Daddy! This is NOT a Saab!" Smart girl! But I think she likes it. I have yet to drive it, but I will soon, it's an automatic! It will be the first time since I met Paul 11 years ago that I will drive HIS car! All his vehicles have been manual transmissions and I have a phobia of learning to drive those. So, cheers to keeping the economy going! And cheers to fuel efficient vehicles and cheap diesel fuel!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worst Mom Ever!

So I totally left my child hanging at the park today. Literally, hanging.

The twins had their last preschool party at a local park today. It's a brand new park with different climbing structures. When we first arrived I showed Tom how he could climb up this rope and sit on the "seat" they had half way up the rope. He immediately clung to me and asked to get off.

Awhile later I took Abby to the swings, then sat with her while she played in the water. I don't know how long I wasn't watching Tom, probably a good 10 minutes. We knew most of the people at the park because it was mostly all folks from the preschool so I didn't feel like I had to watch the twins' every move. Well all of the sudden I find Tom and he's sitting on that rope structure. His back is to me and when I came upon him he turned and his eyes were welled up with tears.

How terrible I felt! I don't know how long he was sitting there, stuck, to scared to climb down. One of the other moms said she saw him there for awhile but didn't realize he was stuck or sad. He said he called for me at first but I didn't hear him. Oh, I feel awful just writing about it! I think he clung to me for a good 10 minutes as we just sat on the bench. He eventually got over it and enjoyed the rest of the party.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to K We Go!

I've hardly updated my blog all month and you get two updates in one day. Consider yourselves lucky!

Today Tom and Abby graduated from preschool. I thought I would be more emotional about it, but I think I was so busy capturing video and still photographs it was hard to get wrapped up in what was actually happening.

They were leaving preschool... FOREVER!

They sang three songs for all the moms and dads and then they got a mini yearbook from their teacher, Miss Pahla. Then they ran around the backyard like crazy until somebody got hurt.

Since today was a special day, the twins received new toys! They were so proud of their new toys this morning, but bummed to figure out they were never going to get to show them off on sharing day at preschool. Abby got a new fairy doll named Fawn. Apparently Fawn's talent (they all have talents) is helping Rosetta paint lady bugs, but Abby also informed me that Fawn teaches baby birds how to fly. A very talented fairy!

Tom got exactly what he wanted, the leader of the decepticons, Megatron. But for some reason Tom rolls the "r" like in spanish so it's "Megatrrrrron" around these parts! Unfortunately for Tom, mom is not versed in transforming Megatron from a robot to a tank, so we'll have to wait for Daddy to get home to learn all those details. Yes it does come with instructions... but seriously, unless you've done it before, that little piece of paper is not going to help you!

Mario Kart, Wii!

Tom adores the Mario Kart game on our Wii system. If you're not familiar with it, it's a hand held wireless steering wheel and you drive your character through a race course. If I let him, he would play every day all day. We let the twins play video games about 3 times a week for a half hour. Considering they are already watching a movie every day for about 90 minutes, that's plenty of time on the boob tube!

The thing is, he's actually quite good at winning! I'm not sure how he does it, but he comes in first place all the time! Last night, Paul was watching the instant replay of his race, and even though he came in first place, he drove like a maniac with random right turns and left turns on straight away's, bouncing off walls and crashing into medians.

Tom's had far more practice than I have and I know there are levels of difficulty and of course he plays on the easiest mode, but when I pick up that steering wheel I come in no better than 12th (last) place. Must be a boy thing, to be good at video games, because Abby and I have the same fate, while Paul and Tom win every time!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Down With Pub.L. 103-160

I learned something today that I didn't know before.

When I was 17 Congress passed the military "Don't ask, don't tell" law. But did you know what that law means? I always thought it meant, "ok, if you're gay, you're gay, I'm not going to make you feel uncomfortable about it."

That's not what it means at all. What it means is, if the military finds you to be openly gay and serving your country you are FIRED! Fired from your JOB! How ridiculous is that?

Being gay is a divine right. You are gay or you're not. It's that simple. How could you be fired for it?

Anyway, I heard rumors The Obama is going to abolish this ridiculous law. I'm glad my children will be growing up in an equal opportunity country some day... (remember we still have Prop H8te to abolish as well.)

I've always stood for equality in everything that I do. I'm about fairness and respect. That's how I'm raising my children and it just boggles my mind that hate still exists in this world today. In the free US of A of all places! Grow up and love one another already!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

We FINALLY got the official kindergarten assignments for next year and I'm proud to report that we got EXACTLY what we wanted! The twins will be in the same class because unless I want them in different morning/afternoon sessions or on different (year round) tracks, I don't have a choice!

So they are both enrolled in Track A, which is most like traditional school year because it starts in mid August. And we got the PM class, which I also wanted. So they will start at 10:49AM which is great! It's the perfect time for me to drop them off and head out shopping or to lunch.

First up though is preschool graduation on Monday. I think I should pack some tissues.

*sigh* My babies are growing up!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Son, the Knight or the Princess?

On Sunday we had a really big day. We started off going to see "Up" in 3D. It was a great movie, but I'll warn ya.... might want to bring your tissues. Not a dry adult eye in the house. As we were driving to see the movie I mentioned to Paul that I hoped they had child size glasses. He said, "Well if they don't it's a huge oversight since half the audience is children." Well guess what Disney/Regal Cinemas.... HUGE OVERSIGHT!

The glasses were ok on Tom and just about ever other 2 or 3 or 4 year old in the audience. But Abby. Poor little teeny tiny Abby with her delicate porcelain doll features. The glasses DID NOT fit her at all! I worked and worked on bending her little tiny ears out to hold the gigantic glasses. In the end she found that if she held her head completely still in the most awkward upward position ever, the glasses stayed on her little nose. I found out hours later she said her neck hurt from watching that movie. Poor Pumpkin Pie!

3D glasses have changed over the years. They actually look like real glasses. They are hard black plastic frames and the plastic lenses are clear with a hint of a tint, probably because they are polarized lenses I assume. So i think that may be the last 3D movie for Abby for awhile.... until she's 20 at least!

All in all the kids enjoyed the movie and the popcorn and the contraband skittles and drinks I brought in for them. Another complaint to Regal Cinemas. Soda? Really? That's ALL you have to drink? No juice? No lemonade? Just soda and Icee's. As if eating popcorn and skittles for lunch wasn't jeopardizing my glowing relationship with CPS.

Well after we saw the movie "Up" I tried to get some real food into the kiddies. Tom of course, would have none of it. So then I packed them up and headed to a birthday party. Yeah, more sugar. Yay!

This was a Knights and Princesses birthday party. The guest of honor was a Princess and there were 8 girls and 4 boys at the party. As the girls got called back one by one to put on their princess costumes Tom got sadder and sadder. I couldn't see him from where I was sitting in the parent gallery, but when I got up to check on him he had a Knight costume sitting on the floor next to him and his eyes were welling up with tears. He wanted to be a princess!

So I took him back to the princess dressing room and we picked out a lovely cinderella dress for him to wear. He was BEAMING! He had fun playing all the games. They had something like musical chairs, but instead of chairs, it was musical hula hoops. You had to stand in a hoop when the music stopped.

There was a second game, like red light green light, where the Princesses were at one end of the room and the Knights had to cross the "swamp" to rescue the princesses. They were instructed to stop and go as the princesses whispered "safe" or "danger" if the dragons were in the way. Believe it or not, Princess Tom was one of the first princesses rescued! Not one little kid made a fuss that Tom was the only boy in a dress. I guess 5 year olds are still innocent!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Telford Twins Tinker and Transform

The month of May was filled with Fairies and Transformers.

Abby is really into Tinker Bell and all of Tinker Bell's friends. She has 3 fairies that she must carry with her everywhere. Sounds simple, no? Well the fairies are a little bit smaller than a barbie doll and come with three small removable parts which include shoes and a bracelet. So that means nine bits and pieces that could come flying off at any given moment whether we are in a parking lot, at a grocery store or a restaurant... you get the idea. It's made for some very long delays when we go to disembark from the car and Silvermist has lost her left shoe.

Tom is obsessed with Transformers for the second month in a row. He spends his days confusing me as to which transformer he is at the moment, Heavens to Betsy, I call him by the wrong name. He also demands that we go shopping for new transformers on a daily basis, which has yet to happen, since his toy box is overflowing with goodies. Tom will transform at any given moment throughout the day, whether in public or in the privacy of his own home even naked, after a bath. He even makes mechanical sounds and wiggles his fingers from the tip top of his head over his whole body to the bottoms of his toes. Then he's off on all fours pretending to be Bumblebee or Optimus Prime.

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to the Cystic Fibrosis research at UC Davis this year! It's not too late to participate in this year's fundraising efforts. Please click HERE.

For pictures of the twins from May 2009 click HERE.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TP Madness

Yesterday while I was strapped into my afternoon treatments the twins were wreaking havoc on my closet. I knew they were in there, but really, what kind of trouble could they get into with a hamper and a shoe rack.

What I hadn't taken into consideration was the mecca that is a brand new pack of 24 rolls of Charmin. They dismantled the jumbo pack of toilet paper and then proceeded to tear into each individual 6 pack of rolls. At the end of the day I had all 24 rolls unpacked, neatly stacked in towers of 3 throughout the walk in closet. When I tried to consolidate the towers by making them taller Tom nearly had a conniption fit. At least my closet is big enough to house this art project.

In other news Tom has found a new cracker favorite! I try to load this kid up with as many whole grains and fiber as I can with crackers because let's face it, his diet of fig newtons and frozen waffles isn't exactly ideal. We generally let him choose between the Kellog's All Bran Crackers aka in our home as "the wavy crackers" or the Wheat Thins Fiber Selects aka in our home as "the hexagons." But last week he was introduced to the Fire Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Triscuit crackers. And he loves them! He calls them "fire crackers" and asks for them every day at lunch. He likes to tell me about their secret ingredient and he always whispers when he says it's "fire."

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weekend Away

Tom and Abby had a very exciting weekend with Grandma. Paul and I had a dinner party to go to on Saturday night, so we turned it into a childless weekend! It was a nice break, but I felt like I had MORE to do since we were trying to squeeze in all the things we can't do while the twins are at home into just 48 hours.

I got my oil changed which was a thrilling 2 hours on Friday afternoon, but it sure was nice not to have the twins under my feet. I actually got the 20.000 mile service on my car done at the same time, which is why I had to go to the dealership to do it. While I was there I thought I'd go and look at the new Taurus' since that's the model my mom's thinking about getting.

I ran into a salesman, surprise, surprise! I was telling him how I really wanted my mom to get a smaller more fuel efficient car. She lives by herself, she doesn't need all that room! So the salesman tried to talk me into selling her the Ford Fusion. It dawned on me that maybe the Fusion took the place of the Ford Contour, which used to be the smaller version of the Taurus.

So this salesman hands me his card and he says, "My name is Earl..... I'm on every Thursday night." And I just looked at him. I was thinking, that's pretty funny because I thought it was Friday afternoon! Why is he telling me he works every Thursday night? He had to clue me into his bad joke, "no, My Name is Earl... get it? I'm on every Thursday night?" Oh! I get it now. Thanks. I kid you not on his card it says, Earl "The Pearl". He wasn't willing to explain that nickname because I said, "Oh! Earl The Pearl, huh!" And he just looked at me, like I was crazy.

On Friday night Paul and I discovered Ma Jong's downtown. It's a really nice Pei Wei replacement since Pei Wei in Sacramento closed down some time ago. It also has a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for summer evenings in Sacramento! Not only that but it's open until 2AM for all your late night partiers since it's owned and connected to the bar, The Park Ultra Lounge.

On Saturday Paul and I went to the movies. We got to see Angels and Demons, which I liked a lot! I tried to nap that afternoon but just couldn't, so I got up to get ready for our outing with friends that night at Andy and Laura's new place. I love their new house, and it's pretty close to us. Much closer than Folsom was anyway. I had to drag Paul out of there around 10:15, and we were the first to leave! We still had to drive home and then of course I had an hours worth of breathing treatments to do... so I finally got to bed at midnight. Go me! That's a super late night for me, so even though I did get to sleep in on Sunday I pretty much spent the afternoon sleeping as well, after I got my morning treatments out of the way.

I think the twins were excited to see us when we went to pick them up from Grandma's. She had planned a big BBQ with Paul's parents and my sisters too. I think Tom was most happy to see me because then he could finally poop! This kid has the strangest pooping habits. He will not poop without me. He hadn't pooped since Thursday, so you can imagine how much he had to go. This was 3.5 days later! That my friends, is just how stubborn he is.

On the drive home the twins told us all about their weekend. They told us how on Sunday morning they got to watch a lot of TV, even tennis! I asked Tom if he was sure it was tennis and he said, "It was a tennis show for kids and grown ups. There was a man in a pink shirt and he was very upset that he didn't win. It was very exciting!" Only when he says exciting it sounds like esciting! (There's no X in his translation)

I'm so not looking forward to the rain this week. Yeah, it might RAIN in Sacramento. Um, hello Mother Nature, but did you happen to notice it's JUNE?