Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer! Summer! Here We Come!

I've been laying low on the blogging lately. I guess there's just not a whole lot going on!

The twins are getting ready to graduate preschool. They are looking forward to Kindergarten, but just like last year, Tom's already looking forward to the year after that: First Grade! He wants to be in 1st grade so bad because the first graders have a playground with a tether ball and we pass by nearly everyday in the car. He quizzes me about the rules of tether ball, which mostly I make up, but I do know the general idea of how to play. He just wants to be a big kid so bad!

Today as we pulled into the garage he says, "Are we going to be in Kindergarten for as many days as we went to preschool?" For all intents purposes this answer is yes, so I told him yes. Then it was just a super surprised look on his face and he whispered "WOW!"

Yesterday we were watching the 5 o'clock news during dinner. Abby turns to me and says, "Mommy, what's a heart attack?" So I told her it's when the heart muscle stops working and gets sick. Satisfied she goes on, "Mommy, what's a cholesterol?" I wasn't really sure how to answer this so I told her it had to do with the amount of fat in her blood. Then I realized she was pulling these questions from the commercial being shown on TV just then for Lipitor.

Summer is just around the corner. I will have weeks upon weeks of time to spend with the twins all by myself. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to this or if I should sign the kids up for summer camp. Maybe I should sign myself up for summer camp. All I know is, shopping at Target is going to get a whole lot more complicated when I have to bring them with me. Tom's been rather insistent that he NEEDS more transformers because the 4 that he has is simply not enough. He needs the whole fleet! Frankly, he has enough toys and hasn't done anything recently to warrant a new transformer, so I told him to make a list for his birthday. Then he asked me how his friends will know what is on his list because god forbid he get duplicates at his party. So he's decided to mail the list out to all invitees. Should be interesting.

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Jenn said...

A list would sure make my Tom shopping easier! lol