Monday, May 18, 2009

Post Office Mishap

There are about a dozen people that I don't have email addresses for. It's mostly extended family. So every year I mail donation request forms for my Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser. Well this year I'm a little behind and I wanted to get them in the mail TODAY! I grabbed a printed copy of the letter in addition to a donation form and about 12 big envelopes, 12 small envelopes that were self addressed for the returned donation and headed off to drop the kids off at preschool. Then I set out on some errands that took longer than expected.

While I was parking at Wal Mart I thought, hey, maybe Wal Mart has a photocopier. They seem to have everything else. So I put the letter, neatly tri-folded into my cart and strolled on in. Turns out, Wal Mart does not have a photocopier. So now you know!

As I'm loading my goodies into the back of the car I left my letter behind! Blissfully unaware of this catastrophe, I drove across town and ran some more errands which is when I discovered the err in my ways.

I had just enough time to head back to Wal Mart and look for my letter, which I had assumed I left in the shopping cart. Being in such a hurry that I was, I had left the cart up on the curb next to my parking spot. I thought since I'd only been gone for 20 minutes it might still be there with my letter inside.

I cruised to my previously parked spot and my cart was gone! But what did I find? My letter! It was on the ground with black tire marks all over it. I threw the car in park, jumped out in the middle of the aisle and picked it up. After a few good brushes it was... not so good as new. But good enough to be photocopied at Kinko's, which is where I headed next.

Eventually all the letters got stuffed, licked and stamped. They are coming to a mailbox near you!

If you simply can't wait for one of these letters, CLICK HERE to download your own copy! We can't fight CF without your help!

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