Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day Came Early!

On Tuesday Tom and Abby came rushing into my room around 1pm. They saw the delivery truck leave a package outside on the porch. Packages are always fun for them, even though they are never for them!

So it turns out the package was from them, to me! Even better! They hunted down the scissors and began hacking into my Mother's Day gift. They got me all sorts of yummy cookies and candies from Harry and David. I assume it was meant to be presented neatly, bigger gift boxes at the bottom, smaller gift boxes at the top all neatly secured together with a ribbon. However, by the time these two excited 4 year olds tore into the package there were six gift boxes strewn about the bed. Immediately they tore into each one, inspecting the yummy goodies they had purchased for me. Even assigning certain packages to themselves as their after dinner treat!

Abby picked out one of the two chocolate truffles that night. Of course it was so rich she couldn't eat it all and the remainder ended up as a melted mess all over her hands. I split the second chocolate truffle with Paul and it was sooo good! Tom wanted to try the caramel chocolate popcorn, but so far I have managed to divert his interests to other goodies around the house. I'm such a mean mom!

When Preschool let out on Friday, all the moms were presented with a special Mother's Day treat! Our very own cards from our very own kids! I don't think I can quite do them justice so I've taken pictures of them for your view pleasure.

I'm letting the twins watch "E.T." for the first time right now. Abby is covering her face as Elliot coaxes E.T. into his room for the first time. I reassured her E.T. was a good gentle nice alien. Tom insists E.T. is not an alien because he only has 2 eyes. Aliens must have more than two eyes!

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The Mantha Family said...

Those cards are great! Happy Mother's Day Tara!