Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memory Lab

It's been a busy week in the Telford household. The twins went to school, went to a birthday party, grandma visited one morning and Abby had her second of three visits to the Getty Memory Lab at UC Davis.

It's kinda funny that they are a memory lab because they sure don't have a good memory of when I schedule my appointments! I made an appointment for Tuesday, April 28 at 9am and the following two Tuesdays at the same time. Then not less than a week later, they called to say they had no record of those appointments and we needed to reschedule.

So I scheduled for Tuesday May 5 at 10AM and the following 2 Tuesdays. Well I get a call a couple days before our first appointment saying they have no record of my appointments but they do have an opening at 10am on Tuesday, so I can take that. Sheesh!

It's like this every. single. week. They call on a Thursday or Friday to tell me they have no record of my appointments and can I reschedule. So this last Tuesday, our 3rd and final visit is now at 11AM because they gave away my 10AM spot that I scheduled 3 weeks ago. I wonder if this is part of the memory project. Are they testing me?

New topic.

Ok, so I had to take the twins to the doctor this week. They were suffering horribly from allergies. Sneezing a lot and apparently they have a lot of inflammation in their sinuses. We saw a very nice nurse practitioner at the doctor's office and she wanted to treat the twins aggressively. No problem!

They got started on two new prescriptions. One to treat the itchy sneezy nose (a nose spray called Nasonex) and another to block leukotrienes that may be bothering them as well. (a chewable tablet called singulair) both of which I'm on for different reasons.

At first, Tom wanted nothing to do with the nose spray. He said I could buy it for him but he wouldn't use it. Abby on the other hand was super gung ho about it. She wanted to be just like mommy and daddy. She even told Tom that she would be brave and try it first!

Well once we got home with their samples the tide turned. Tom suddenly became big brother and didn't mind the nose sprays at all. Abby on the other hand took one sniff and bolted. She said it smelled funny and wouldn't let us near her other nostril, not to mention her nostrils are SO TINY it's actually touch to fit that tiny sprayer up her nose! It just barely fits in the tip of her nose. So the next morning she cried and cried while I got one spray in the other nostril. Tom on the other hand, happy as can be, does his sprays himself.

The following morning Tom had taken the nose sprays into his room so he could do them as soon as he woke up. And guess what? He has somehow magically talked Abby into doing hers too, in both nostrils! He even sprays them for her! He even talks about how he tells her to sniff the spray up her nose. He says sometimes she doesn't sniff enough so he tells her to sniff more. I think we have a future doctor on our hands! That is of course when he's not busy being a garbage man, construction worker, police man an fire truck driver!

I don't have any relevant pictures, so here are some recent ones Paul took while the twins were on a bike ride.

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The Mantha Family said...

That is such a cute story about how Tom helps Abby with the nose spray. He is a very sweet, and medically responsible, brother!