Sunday, May 03, 2009

April 2009 Telford Twins Update

April was a great month with loads of Easter celebrations. Easter Sunday was gorgeous so we were able to have our Easter egg hunt outdoors in our backyard. The twins helped me hide the eggs and still had trouble finding them all!

Abby adored her Easter dress so much she couldn't wait to wear it over and over. In fact she has informed me that she wants her wardrobe to consist solely of dresses. The last week or so has been usually chilly so I've made her wear pants and long sleeves under her dresses. She gets to pick the whole outfit out by herself, even if it means mismatched stripes with a floral dress.

Tom is obsessed with Transformers. He got 3 Transformer toys for Easter and hasn't put them down since. Last weekend Oma took him out shopping at Target and he talked her into getting him another Transformer. He has Transformer underwear which he loves to show off. Each Transformer toy comes with an advertising leaflet which he has studied for hours on end. (Thank you Hasbro) As masculine as Transformers are he still enjoys his mani-pedi's by Mama. He likes to pick out the colors... a unique nail polish color for each fingernail.

Paul and I want to thank each of you that donated to the Tara K Telford fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research at UC Davis. It's not too late to sponsor us! We plan to turn in the donations in one month. Please consider helping to keep this exciting research going at UC Davis to cure CF! Click here to download your tax deductible donation form.

For April 2009 pictures click here.

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