Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Presume.....

Tom and Abby have a new favorite word: presume.

Abby was sitting at the table yesterday and she says to me, "I presume I would like PB&J for lunch." And then she went on and on down the list of things she'd like with her PB&J. "I presume I would also prefer plum juice to drink."

This morning I was greeted by Tom, or rather, a decepticon transformer. The first thing he says to me is, "I presume I am not Starscream. Presumably, I am Megatron." And he went on and on using the word "presumably" over and over.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer! Summer! Here We Come!

I've been laying low on the blogging lately. I guess there's just not a whole lot going on!

The twins are getting ready to graduate preschool. They are looking forward to Kindergarten, but just like last year, Tom's already looking forward to the year after that: First Grade! He wants to be in 1st grade so bad because the first graders have a playground with a tether ball and we pass by nearly everyday in the car. He quizzes me about the rules of tether ball, which mostly I make up, but I do know the general idea of how to play. He just wants to be a big kid so bad!

Today as we pulled into the garage he says, "Are we going to be in Kindergarten for as many days as we went to preschool?" For all intents purposes this answer is yes, so I told him yes. Then it was just a super surprised look on his face and he whispered "WOW!"

Yesterday we were watching the 5 o'clock news during dinner. Abby turns to me and says, "Mommy, what's a heart attack?" So I told her it's when the heart muscle stops working and gets sick. Satisfied she goes on, "Mommy, what's a cholesterol?" I wasn't really sure how to answer this so I told her it had to do with the amount of fat in her blood. Then I realized she was pulling these questions from the commercial being shown on TV just then for Lipitor.

Summer is just around the corner. I will have weeks upon weeks of time to spend with the twins all by myself. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to this or if I should sign the kids up for summer camp. Maybe I should sign myself up for summer camp. All I know is, shopping at Target is going to get a whole lot more complicated when I have to bring them with me. Tom's been rather insistent that he NEEDS more transformers because the 4 that he has is simply not enough. He needs the whole fleet! Frankly, he has enough toys and hasn't done anything recently to warrant a new transformer, so I told him to make a list for his birthday. Then he asked me how his friends will know what is on his list because god forbid he get duplicates at his party. So he's decided to mail the list out to all invitees. Should be interesting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Date Night!

Last night Paul and I celebrated our (belated) 8th wedding anniversary with the best man from our wedding, John, and his wonderful wife, Fran. First we hit up our local Mandango's, which is a casual bar/night club and the drinks were good! Fran and I being the lightweights that we are barely finished half our Sex on the Beach. The boys had no problem pulling down the pints of beer they ordered though. If only we had another hour to finish our drinks. I surely didn't want to show up to our formal dinner drunk, which is why I took it slow. I drink like twice a year these days, so this was a big deal!

We got to Boulevard Bistro just in time for our reservation. They seated us right away and I have to say, what a cute restaurant! It's a renovated 1908 bungalow in Old Town Elk Grove and it is adorable! The whole restaurant probably seats up to 30 guests at the most. The menu is fairly limited to the most premium of meals, California Cuisine, but there is definitely something for everyone!

We started off with appetizers and/or salad and found out I'm not an arugula fan. I was hoping it was more like lettuce or spinach salad, but it was quite bitter. I tried to eat some to be polite, but even when the waitress took the half full plate away she said something about it being to big for me. *embarrassed!* I guess the food there is sooo good they're not used to taking half eaten dishes back to the kitchen. The dressing was good, the nuts and dried cranberries were great, but I just couldn't get past that darn arugula!

So, on to the entree's. I saw lamb on the menu and though, this was my dad's all time favorite dish it had been many many years since I had rack of lamb. I just HAVE to try it. I was NOT disappointed. It's supposedly a super fatty meat too, so I made sure to take lots of enzymes! The sauce they drizzled on the plate was super yum and I didn't mind the yukon mashed and green beans either. The only thing left on that plate were the bones leftover from the rack of lamb!

After such a good meal, I wasn't sure I could squeeze in dessert but they had chocolate decadence drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream and fresh berries! ! I had to go for it. I'm glad I did, it was divine! Overall the restaurant was great. They kept our drinks full and everyone there was so nice and polite. The only thing we didn't get to do was take a tour of the kitchen. John really wanted to see that kitchen!

When we got home it was 8PM and the twins were already in their room. They were expecting us to come in and say goodnight so of course I did. They gave me the biggest hugs and kisses! Guess they missed mom and dad while we were gone for 3 hours. I know they had fun with Oma and Papa though. I heard all about it! They are such creatures of habit though. They had Oma and Papa running in circles trying to do the bedtime routine exactly how we do it at home every night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He Loves Me and He Loves Me...

I woke this morning at 7:30 to 2 little kids opening my bedroom door. They had already been out in the living and Tom had just one question.

"Mom, is your name spelled T-A-R-A?"


"Oh, good then! The flowers on the table must be for you!"

Sure enough, a dozen red roses in a vase. Awe! And a card! I love you Babe!

Then to top it off Paul got home from work early. We celebrated with some homemade salsa and not so homemade chips. Now we're making fajitas for dinner. We do have a fancy double date on Friday with John and Fran to officially celebrate and the twins have daycare arrangements until 8:30PM that night at this awesome play place just for kids. I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Post Office Mishap

There are about a dozen people that I don't have email addresses for. It's mostly extended family. So every year I mail donation request forms for my Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser. Well this year I'm a little behind and I wanted to get them in the mail TODAY! I grabbed a printed copy of the letter in addition to a donation form and about 12 big envelopes, 12 small envelopes that were self addressed for the returned donation and headed off to drop the kids off at preschool. Then I set out on some errands that took longer than expected.

While I was parking at Wal Mart I thought, hey, maybe Wal Mart has a photocopier. They seem to have everything else. So I put the letter, neatly tri-folded into my cart and strolled on in. Turns out, Wal Mart does not have a photocopier. So now you know!

As I'm loading my goodies into the back of the car I left my letter behind! Blissfully unaware of this catastrophe, I drove across town and ran some more errands which is when I discovered the err in my ways.

I had just enough time to head back to Wal Mart and look for my letter, which I had assumed I left in the shopping cart. Being in such a hurry that I was, I had left the cart up on the curb next to my parking spot. I thought since I'd only been gone for 20 minutes it might still be there with my letter inside.

I cruised to my previously parked spot and my cart was gone! But what did I find? My letter! It was on the ground with black tire marks all over it. I threw the car in park, jumped out in the middle of the aisle and picked it up. After a few good brushes it was... not so good as new. But good enough to be photocopied at Kinko's, which is where I headed next.

Eventually all the letters got stuffed, licked and stamped. They are coming to a mailbox near you!

If you simply can't wait for one of these letters, CLICK HERE to download your own copy! We can't fight CF without your help!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memory Lab

It's been a busy week in the Telford household. The twins went to school, went to a birthday party, grandma visited one morning and Abby had her second of three visits to the Getty Memory Lab at UC Davis.

It's kinda funny that they are a memory lab because they sure don't have a good memory of when I schedule my appointments! I made an appointment for Tuesday, April 28 at 9am and the following two Tuesdays at the same time. Then not less than a week later, they called to say they had no record of those appointments and we needed to reschedule.

So I scheduled for Tuesday May 5 at 10AM and the following 2 Tuesdays. Well I get a call a couple days before our first appointment saying they have no record of my appointments but they do have an opening at 10am on Tuesday, so I can take that. Sheesh!

It's like this every. single. week. They call on a Thursday or Friday to tell me they have no record of my appointments and can I reschedule. So this last Tuesday, our 3rd and final visit is now at 11AM because they gave away my 10AM spot that I scheduled 3 weeks ago. I wonder if this is part of the memory project. Are they testing me?

New topic.

Ok, so I had to take the twins to the doctor this week. They were suffering horribly from allergies. Sneezing a lot and apparently they have a lot of inflammation in their sinuses. We saw a very nice nurse practitioner at the doctor's office and she wanted to treat the twins aggressively. No problem!

They got started on two new prescriptions. One to treat the itchy sneezy nose (a nose spray called Nasonex) and another to block leukotrienes that may be bothering them as well. (a chewable tablet called singulair) both of which I'm on for different reasons.

At first, Tom wanted nothing to do with the nose spray. He said I could buy it for him but he wouldn't use it. Abby on the other hand was super gung ho about it. She wanted to be just like mommy and daddy. She even told Tom that she would be brave and try it first!

Well once we got home with their samples the tide turned. Tom suddenly became big brother and didn't mind the nose sprays at all. Abby on the other hand took one sniff and bolted. She said it smelled funny and wouldn't let us near her other nostril, not to mention her nostrils are SO TINY it's actually touch to fit that tiny sprayer up her nose! It just barely fits in the tip of her nose. So the next morning she cried and cried while I got one spray in the other nostril. Tom on the other hand, happy as can be, does his sprays himself.

The following morning Tom had taken the nose sprays into his room so he could do them as soon as he woke up. And guess what? He has somehow magically talked Abby into doing hers too, in both nostrils! He even sprays them for her! He even talks about how he tells her to sniff the spray up her nose. He says sometimes she doesn't sniff enough so he tells her to sniff more. I think we have a future doctor on our hands! That is of course when he's not busy being a garbage man, construction worker, police man an fire truck driver!

I don't have any relevant pictures, so here are some recent ones Paul took while the twins were on a bike ride.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month!

This blog entry is a cut and paste from my tweets today. It details every single thing I do to fight CF every single day. Keep in mind, this list gets much longer and more arduous when I'm sick. I get frequent lung infections that involve round the clock IV antibiotics and frequent hospitalizations.

But today I'm healthy.

If you're reading this blog then you probably already know this but in between spending hours on CF every single day I am also a very busy mom to 4.5 year old twins. For CF I take almost 30 pills a day and spend about 4 hours doing breathing treatments. As a mom today, I shuttled the kids to/from preschool, wiped sticky hands and faces, squished spiders, removed splinters, read stories, did dishes, folded laundry... you get the idea.

Please consider donating to the Tara K Telford Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research at UC Davis. Let's make CF stand for Cure Found!

Without further ado... here are my tweets from today!

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. Today I'll be tweeting my CF routine. I do all these things EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Stay tuned!

6:30AM Rise and shine! Prepare sinus rinse with distilled water and NeilMed salt packet. Heat mixture above room temperature for comfort.

6:31AM First morning pills! 800mg Ibuprofin for lung inflammation, 40mg Nexium for reflux, 180mg Fexofenadine for nasal allergies.

6:34AM Assemble clean dry nebulizer cups for first respiratory treatment of the day. Gather ampules (some refrigerated) for this treatment

6:36AM Sinus rinse now warm! Lean far over sink. Squirt 4oz salt mixture through each nostril. Blow and dry nose. Clean sinus rinse bottle.

6:37AM Roll up o2 tubing that I used during the night. W/out supplemental oxygen my o2 levels dip dangerously low inducing hypoxemia.

6:38 AM Patanase nasal spray, 2 sprays each nostril for allergies. This one has been a godsend to me, opening my nostrils to I can BREATHE!

6:39AM 1 spray Nasonex in each nostril. This steroid reduces the chance nasal polyps form, delaying sinus surgery, common for Cystics.

6:45AM Ready to begin 30 minutes of chest physiotherapy. I use High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation device.

6:46AM Xopenex HFA 45mcg. 4 puffs, spaced 1 minute apart. It's a bronchodilator. Opens my lungs releasing tightness and shortness of breath.

6:50 AM Fire up the nebulizer compressor that will deliver the power and air needed to nebulize my aerosolized meds during my vest treatment

6:51 AM While nebbing and vesting, reconstitute a vial of dry Merropenum with 3mL sterile water for inhalation. Shake it up and let it sit.

7:05AM draw out Merropenum, dump into nebulizer and inhale for 20 minutes. inhaled antibiotics keep some of the lung bacteria under control.

7:15AM Chest physiotherapy (CPT) complete. Unstrap the now sweaty vest. Breathe normally. :)

7:25AM Merropenum complete! Unhook nebulizer compressor hose. set neb cup aside. Turn off Pari Pro Neb Ultra II compressor.

7:26AM Fire up the Pari Sinustar nebulizer compressor. It has a higher PSI output to make particles smaller for the sinus neb treatments,

7:26AM nasally inhale 0.8mg betamethasone to control nasal inflammation associated w/ current sinus infection.

7:37AM nasally inhale 500mg Fortaz, antibiotic to hopefully get rid of current sinus infection.

7:50AM 1 hour 20 minutes later... morning routine is DONE! Turn off sinustar compressor. Rinse and clean neb cups. Let air dry for next use.

8:00AM With breakfast I take pancreatic enzymes to help digest my food since my pancreas is blocked by thick sticky mucus.

8:00AM Time for my morning dose of 600mg Calcium. I have osteopenia (weak/thin bones) from malabsorption of calcium over the years.

8:00AM Taking 1000mg capsule of vitamin C to boost my immune system. My body constantly fights infection, reducing ability to fight viruses

8:00AM Taking my prescription vit w/ high amounts fat soluble vitamins, ABDEK. I have a hard time absorbing these vits hence the large dose

8:00AM Extra strength blend w/ 8 probiotics OTC. Expensive but worth it to keep yeast at bay, a risk from all antibiotics I'm subjected to.

9:00AM Turn on o2 concentrator so I can suck o2 while working out for 30min. Keeping my o2 sats above 92 during exercise protects my heart.

9:00AM-9:30AM use my pulse oximeter to spot check my heart rate (not to exceed 165) and o2 sats (not to dip below 92) during exercise.

10:00AM I have diabetes related to CF. Blood sugar 2 hrs post breakfast: 74, a little low. Snack time! Goal: to consume 3000 calories a day.

10:10AM Add 17g Miralax powder to my OJ w/ mid-morn snack. CF intestines clog w/ mucus. Laxatives decrease incidence of bowel obstruction

12:00PM Lunchtime! More pills... some pancreatic enzymes to help digest the food I eat. I take "Ultrase MT20's."

12:45PM Time for round two! More breathing treatments. I'm gathering the ampules and nebulizer cups I'll be using this time around.

12:55PM 4 puffs 45mcg Xopenex w/ Pari Vortex spacing chamber, pause 1 min between puffs. This bronchodilater opens my airways.

1:05PM Begin inhaling Pulmozyme via nebulizer. This med thins my thick sticky mucus in my lungs. I take it once a day.

1:15PM Begin inhaling hypertonic saline 7% in the nebulizer. This hypertonic solution helps get that thick sticky crap out of my lungs.

1:25PM Even though the CPT treatment is complete now, I'm still finishing up the hypertonic saline nebulizer.

1:36PM Fire up the Sinustar neb compressor. Begin inhaling Fortaz through the nose with special sinus adaptor.

1:48PM Sinus nebulizer finished. Rinse and clean the nebulizer cups. Let them air dry for the next use.

2:15PM 2nd of 3 doses of 800mg Ibuprofin today. Motrin helps control the inflammation in my lungs.

2:20PM Twins are napping, & so am I. Napping is actually recommended by my doctor when I'm tired. Tired bodies cannot fight lung infection!

4:15PM Had a great nap. Now snack time = more enzyme pills. Don't want to waste those calories by not absorbing all they have to offer!

6:00PM More enzymes w/ dinner. I take enzymes every time I eat. 2-3 pills w/ meals & 1-2 pills w/ snacks. I never leave home w/out them!

6:15PM Take 600mg Calcium for bone strength, remember I have ostepenia & I'm only 33 years old! Most women worry about this after menopause.

6:15PM Take 2nd of 2 Rx vitamins for the day. Even with the high doses of fat soluble vits in it, one vitamin is not enough for the day.

6:15PM 1000 Vit C to boost the immune system. Staying healthy from viruses is key to not lose lung function.

6:15PM 2 more probiotic blend pills. It's important to restore the natural balance of bacteria and keep yeast at bay.

6:40PM Hunting and gathering and assembling appropriate clean nebulizer cups and liquid meds for the last breathing treatment of the day.

6:45PM Mixing salt packets and distilled water in the sinus rinse bottle. Warming mixture for more pleasant rinsing experience.

6:50PM Sinus rinse warmed and ready! Irrigate each nostril with about 4oz of saline. Prepares the sinus passages for the sinus nebs to come.

6:55PM My favorite nasal spray of the day, Patanase! 2 sprays each nostril. Unblocks nostrils from allergy inflammation.

7:00PM Nasonex steroid nasal spray to keep polyps at bay. Sinus surgery to rid polyps is very common for Cystics. I had surgery 2.5 yrs ago.

7:05PM Begin 3rd and final 30 minute airway clearance chest physiotherapy of the day with the SmartVest system.

7:05PM While vesting take bronchodilator. Inhale Xopenex and hold breath for 10 seconds, space each puff out 1 minute apart. Repeat 3 times.

7:10PM Begin hypertonic saline 7% solution inhalation via Pari Pro Neb Ultra II Nebulizer with the Pari LC Plus neb cup.

7:15PM Reconstitute sterile water and 500mg Merropenum to inhale in the nebulizer. This antibiotic helps keeps me infection free.

7:22PM Begin inhaling Merropenum. Merro is meant for IV use, so this formulation smells and tastes terrible. I've become used to it.

7:40PM Begin betamethasone inhalation via nebulizer for the sinuses. I have an infection at the moment & this steroid reduces inflammation.

7:55PM Begin Fortaz via sinus nebulizer. This is also an IV med that smells and tastes horrible. I've been on it so long, I'm used to it.

8:10PM Treatment #3 for the day is DONE! Rinse and wash neb cups for use tomorrow.

9:00PM Retrieve last round of meds before bedtime.

9:00PM 10mg Singulair. This pill is designed to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. I take it once a day.

9:00PM 40mg Nexium. Ideally this pill is taken a half hour before dinner, but I usually forget so I end up taking it at bedtime.

9:00PM Birth control pill. No more babies here! Another pregnancy could seriously jeopardize my health.

9:00PM 50mg Trazodone. It helps me go to sleep on time so I can wake up and start all over tomorrow.

9:00PM Last dose of 800mg motrin for the day. Ideally it would be taken at 10:30PM, 8 hours after the previous dose, but I'm asleep by then.

Sweetest Thing!

I was running late this morning, as usual on Monday mornings. I was hurrying to get myself some breakfast after my morning treatments so I asked the twins to get dressed on their own. Well, Abby had some buttons down the back of her dress. I came to check on them and found Abby in my bathroom holding her hair up on her head while Tom was fixing the buttons on the back of her dress. Aren't they so sweet?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day Came Early!

On Tuesday Tom and Abby came rushing into my room around 1pm. They saw the delivery truck leave a package outside on the porch. Packages are always fun for them, even though they are never for them!

So it turns out the package was from them, to me! Even better! They hunted down the scissors and began hacking into my Mother's Day gift. They got me all sorts of yummy cookies and candies from Harry and David. I assume it was meant to be presented neatly, bigger gift boxes at the bottom, smaller gift boxes at the top all neatly secured together with a ribbon. However, by the time these two excited 4 year olds tore into the package there were six gift boxes strewn about the bed. Immediately they tore into each one, inspecting the yummy goodies they had purchased for me. Even assigning certain packages to themselves as their after dinner treat!

Abby picked out one of the two chocolate truffles that night. Of course it was so rich she couldn't eat it all and the remainder ended up as a melted mess all over her hands. I split the second chocolate truffle with Paul and it was sooo good! Tom wanted to try the caramel chocolate popcorn, but so far I have managed to divert his interests to other goodies around the house. I'm such a mean mom!

When Preschool let out on Friday, all the moms were presented with a special Mother's Day treat! Our very own cards from our very own kids! I don't think I can quite do them justice so I've taken pictures of them for your view pleasure.

I'm letting the twins watch "E.T." for the first time right now. Abby is covering her face as Elliot coaxes E.T. into his room for the first time. I reassured her E.T. was a good gentle nice alien. Tom insists E.T. is not an alien because he only has 2 eyes. Aliens must have more than two eyes!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Big Prizes and Little Prizes

I feel that I haven't updated much in awhile. The queen of blogging in a blogging slump? Say it 'ain't so!

Saturday Paul, Tom, Abby, Jean, Allan and I walked... in the rain... for miles (unsure of the distance) for Cystic Fibrosis. The twins didn't walk this year, they insisted on riding their bikes! They enjoyed the route from the State Capital down through Old Town Sacramento and it's "hobblestone" streets. Tom pronounces cobblestones as hobblestones and every time he says it, I'm too busy giggling to correct him.

It's not too late to support Cystic Fibrosis! Just print that page and mail us your donation. We really want to keep this research going at UC Davis until they can land a super duper huge grant. The research they are doing is really cutting edge gene therapy that will hopefully lead to a cure for CF down the road.

Today I took Abby to a psychology lab at UC Davis. At Picnic Day I signed both twins up for research studies, with no obligation to actually do the research of course. So today Abby got to go into a computer lab and answer questions. As I understand it they were asking questions about identifying pictures on a computer screen, except some (or many) of the pixels were missing. During parts of the interview Abby was forced to choose an answer, right or wrong and during the second half, there was an "I don't know" button. The whole interview lasted about 25 minutes.

Tom was severely jealous. In fact as we were leaving he was in tears. Abby has two more sessions, so I'm not sure how that's going to go! Abby gets a prize and Tom does not. Abby gets special attention and Tom does not. They just didn't need 4 year old boys in this particular study. So it was a rough morning, but he didn't through absolute fits in public, which was nice. And everything got smoothed over with a McDonald's Happy Meal for lunch.

Abby even got to pick out a big prize from the big prize box. She said there was a little prize box where she would have been forced to choose from if she got any wrong answers. I think the point of the little prize box was just motivation for doing their best because I know she didn't answer all the questions correctly. I laughed when she told me about the little prizes because there were just two. A plain paper clip and a plain pencil eraser. She had no idea why I was laughing. I thought it was too funny. Like they would ever send any of the kids out of there, "Good job kid! You earned a .... paperclip!" So she felt really really special to get to choose a big prize! She picked a headband and she's all excited to wear it to school tomorrow.

Speaking of school, I wrote my LAST tuition check yesterday! We already paid for June, so today is a day of all celebrations. Cinco De Mayo and no more tuition! ... until the twins are 17 and off to college.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

April 2009 Telford Twins Update

April was a great month with loads of Easter celebrations. Easter Sunday was gorgeous so we were able to have our Easter egg hunt outdoors in our backyard. The twins helped me hide the eggs and still had trouble finding them all!

Abby adored her Easter dress so much she couldn't wait to wear it over and over. In fact she has informed me that she wants her wardrobe to consist solely of dresses. The last week or so has been usually chilly so I've made her wear pants and long sleeves under her dresses. She gets to pick the whole outfit out by herself, even if it means mismatched stripes with a floral dress.

Tom is obsessed with Transformers. He got 3 Transformer toys for Easter and hasn't put them down since. Last weekend Oma took him out shopping at Target and he talked her into getting him another Transformer. He has Transformer underwear which he loves to show off. Each Transformer toy comes with an advertising leaflet which he has studied for hours on end. (Thank you Hasbro) As masculine as Transformers are he still enjoys his mani-pedi's by Mama. He likes to pick out the colors... a unique nail polish color for each fingernail.

Paul and I want to thank each of you that donated to the Tara K Telford fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research at UC Davis. It's not too late to sponsor us! We plan to turn in the donations in one month. Please consider helping to keep this exciting research going at UC Davis to cure CF! Click here to download your tax deductible donation form.

For April 2009 pictures click here.