Monday, April 20, 2009

UC Davis Picnic Day

One of my favorite days of the year has come and gone again. That's right, THE PICNIC is over.

When I was an undergraduate at UC Davis I think the best part of Picnic Day was most certainly the night before, shakin' my groove thing dancing on a table at The Grad. I actually looked forward to a night filled with 7 for 1 watered down Tokoyo tea's and some variation of the K.G.B. What was I thinking?

Since I graduated, Picnic Day has become a place to reconnect to old friends, most of which I see on a semi-regular basis anyway. And for those that I don't get to see in person, Facebook certainly has filled in the gaps.

Since I had kids, Picnic Day is a fun free event with more than enough things to do to keep the little ones entertained. This year we saw the parade, where Abby insisted on covering her ears most of the time because the marching bands were too loud.

We ate lunch on the quad. i love anytime you can buy food from a tent, so that is exactly what we did. Every year Paul gets the tacos from one of the fraternity booths. This year I joined him and I was not disappointed! It was just meat and salsa on a plain soft white corn tortilla, but I was starving and they were ultra yum!

At 1PM we had tickets to see Dallas and Toni talk about how they got eliminated from the last season of The Amazing Race. The talk was rather long for the twins, so we left 90 minutes into it. I would have loved to stay longer, but having 2 four year olds bounce from lap to lap in a big auditorium for 90 minutes was enough for me! They did great considering the circumstances.

After Dallas and Toni's talk we grabbed a super size snack at the coffee house. Nothing like pumping sugar into two 4 year olds skipping their nap and haven't eaten an ounce of anything healthy all afternoon. Tom got a super size sugar cookie with M&M's baked into the top. Abby picked out a super size double chocolate brownie. And Paul and I shared a super sized rice crsipy cookie. Well, to be honest, I ate most of it, but i did share some!

Then we checked out battle of the bands, which is my favorite part of the day! UC Davis invites marching bands from all over the state to come and compete in this creek-side event. They each take turns playing one song and no one song can be repeated by anyone. So when you run out of songs to play, you're out of the competition. Abby is not a big fan of this event because of the noise, but we found the Morrills hanging out in the shade far from the action. We hunkered down there and guess what we did? We got some more snacks! This time it was ice cream. Yum!

After we got our fill of the bands we headed back to the Sr. Telfords for a BBQ. Tom and Abby were happy to have Hannah to play with! They tried playing tag, but Tom was much more interested in being "it" than being chased. It's a very confusing concept of a game if you think about it. Everyone makes a big deal about being "it" so why wouldn't you want to be "it"? Then all three of the kids screamed "let's get naked!" and they jumped into a wading pool being filled with water directly from the hose. Now it was a warm day, but it wasn't THAT warm! I was surprised Tom and Abby lasted as long as they did, soaking each other with the hose. Hannah lasted less than 5 minutes, but Tom and Abby paddled for nearly a half hour!

I have no idea what was so funny in this picture, but there are about a dozen pictures of Abby and Hannah just giggling with some roses. Must have been a great joke!

For all you Aggie fans out there, there are more pictures from Picnic Day HERE!


Tamiko said...

Wish I had run into you in Davis! It was my first Picnic Day and had fun. Love the pictures...hope to see you soon!

The Mantha Family said...

That sounds like a very fun day with lots of yummy junk food!