Saturday, April 11, 2009

Painted Nails

Several weeks ago the twins asked me to pain their toe nails. I obliged both of them, yes, Tom too. Well this past week they asked me to paint their fingernails AND toe nails! Abby has pink polish on one hand and red polish on the other hand. Tom, however, has five different colors on his fingers. Each nail is a different color. We have blue, red, purple and two different shades of pink. He LOVES them!

On Wednesday I took both of them to an indoor play center. They played for 3 hours! Well there was an older boy there, probably around 7 or 8 years old and he asked Tom why his nails were painted. Abby stuck up for him! She said, "Well, he just wants them painted!" And the boy just stared and said, "Well, that's strange." And that was the end of that, except the twins keep telling that story over and over every single day. They think it's sooo funny.

In other news I went on a hunt for my most favorite hair mousse today. it's made by Redkin and called Guts. I love it. My hair is super frizzy, so when I wear it down I have to douse it in this stuff. Well, I'm all out and my favorite place to buy it is Ulta. I went by Ulta today and could barely walk in the door. The perfume in this place really really gets to me. I started hacking up a lung and had to walk out, especially after I noticed the line at the register was practically out the door! Musta been one heck of a sale going on! There was no way I could stay in that store for more than a couple minutes so I gave up and left. I stopped by a salon near my house on the way home and I could see the Guts on a shelf right through the window but the salon was closed! Talk about a tease!!! Even though it clearly says on their door they are open from 11AM-6PM on Saturdays. Foiled again! Somebody really doesn't want me to have these Guts!

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