Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long Week(end)

Last Friday was a loooong day. It started with dropping the twins off at school at 8:30AM. Then I ran some errands, dropped my errands off at home, put the dog in the car, picked up the kids, dropped the dog off at boarding school in West Sacramento and dropped the kids off at Davis. Paul came home at 2PM and we drove down to Los Angeles to celebrate Fran's birthday. The weekend was really mellow and good. It was weird not to have the twins to look after, especially while out of town. I was free to sleep in, watch movies, and eat several hot meals in a row. I also got a pedicure with Fran. I asked for flowers, and this is what I got. I think it's more like a bouquet.

We also had the pleasure of finding this super cool stop in Buttonwillow. The name of the taco stand is escaping me at the moment but OH... MY... GOD... los tacos de pastor son fantástico! They were super moist with a little bit of kick. It was kinda funny that there was a roach coach outside, while all the ordering and eating takes place inside. But guess where the food was prepared. In the roach coach! I wish we lived closer to Buttonwillow.

Today Abby picked out her own outfit for school. Have I mentioned that she is really into stripes lately? She doesn't understand the concept of matching colors yet, she just thinks stripes match stripes. She leaves the house all the time now with mismatched top and bottom stripes, because really, who buys stripy outfits? You're supposed to pair the stripes with solids, right? Not Abby. Not only that, but she is also really into dresses lately. In fact she informed me she only wants to wear dresses from now on. So when it's chilly for school I make her wear pants and shirts under her spring dresses. Well today she wore her easter dress, with stripy tops and bottoms.

Tom's new favorite thing is to block the camera whenever I try and take a picture of Abby. He's such a ham!

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Tamiko said...

I like the toes! Makes me want a pedicure now. Hmmm.....