Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm supposed to be packing because we're shipping the twins off to the in-laws this weekend, but the twins really wanted to dye easter eggs. Say what? Don't we have calendars over here?

About a month ago I had great intentions of dying easter eggs on time. I bought the dye. I showed the kids. They got excited. And then somehow, we ran out of time. About two days before easter I bought a 12 pack of eggs. We don't keep eggs in this house because no one bakes regularly and no one eats eggs. Not scrambled, not over easy, not hard boiled. I can't stand eggs. I can't stand the texture, the way they smell, the way they taste... and I believe Paul has similar dispositions on eggs as well.

Well easter came and went and no eggs got dyed. Last night Tom spied the egg dye in the kitchen cupboard. He pulled it out and insisted we dye them right then and there. I was about to serve dinner so I promised him we'd dye them in the morning. So this morning rolled around and I have a bazillion things to do, but one thing I cannot do is disappoint.

So i filled a pot with water, boiled the eggs, cooled the eggs and let the kids dye the eggs. Now my house smells like hard boiled egg and it's gross. But the twins had a blast. They especially liked the magic tricks, yellow + blue = green, pink + blue = purple, yellow + pink = orange. This was their first experience dying easter eggs. I think it was a hit and we'll have to do it BEFORE easter next year so we have some guests to pawn these awful smelly eggs off on during easter brunch! I'm pretty sure this batch will sit in the fridge until I throw them out next week.

Anyone want an egg? I can't promise quality over here... I haven't eaten one, obviously!

PS Thank you google for teaching me how to hard boil eggs.

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