Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Gathering 2009

The twins woke up bright and early on Easter morning, 6:30AM to be exact. It's not unusual that they are up by 7, but come on, 6:30? Paul got up and turned on a 20 minute program on the TV for them and fell back into bed. At least we got another 20 minutes of laziness before we had to get up. I think they were excited to see all their loot from the bunny! They're so funny though, they didn't even touch it, not one bit, before we came out to see them around 7AM.

Tom got 3 new transformers and Abby got 3 new fairies (Arrival Tinker Bell, Silvermist and Rosetta) The fairies are really cute and Abby just loves playing with them. It's really the first time she's been into "dolls" and I'm so glad to see it! Most of her day gets dictated by what Tom wants to do, that her girlie toys just sit in a box in the closet. Although, she's enjoying losing the fairies' shoes every other hour, which is great fun for Mom to hunt for. Why do these toys have to have such small pieces? Wanna know where I found Tink's shoe today? Abby insisted on bringing Tink to school (and Tom insisted on bringing "bumbles" aka Transformers "Bumblebee") but as we're getting ready to jump in the car Tink has lost her shoe. We hunt and hunt and hunt. I even hunt some more while the twins were at school today. Then in the car on the ride home, I'm passing Tink to the back seat so Abby can hold her and lo and behold, her shoe is stuffed up between her thighs. Not two minutes goes by when we walk into the house Tink's lost another shoe. So I head back out to the car cursing the invention of such shoes and regretting the purchase all together. I scavenge around the car seat, under the car seat, in all the hidden pockets it could have fallen between Abby's trip out of the car seat into the house. Abby comes running out of the house exclaiming, "it was in her underwear again!" Whaaat??? How does this happen? I don't know. But Tink has both shoes.

We hosted Easter dinner at our house. The whole family was invited. Both of my sisters and their boyfriends came, Paul's parents were here and so was my mom. And of course JB, the twins' cousin. In this picture it's hard to tell, but Tom has monster claws and he was actually growling during the photo. Grrrrrrr!

There was an easter egg hunt. I hid 75 eggs in the backyard for 3 little kids. I knew it wouldn't take long for them to find the eggs, which is why I hid so many. Unfortunately I wasn't thinking clearly and filled them ALL with all sorts of candy. So now we have enough candy to last us through Halloween. Abby adored her Easter dress. She spent most of the day just "dancing" around the house, lifting her dress, doing circles. She loved it! Tom picked out his own clothes. I asked him if he'd wear those "easter shorts" that I specifically bought for Easter. I also bought a matching shirt but he was not having it. He wanted to wear the plaid shorts with the stripy shirt. So I let him. *sigh*

I think the highlight of the day was riding JB's scooter. He was so nice to share! Abby informed me she was really really good on the scooter and she NEEDS one! I told her, when she is big like JB, she can have one. He's 6, so I think that bought me at least 2 months.


whatsherface said...

And I thought 75 eggs would be too MANY for them to find!! Shows what I know about little ones, lol.

But my offer to help ya'll eat that candy still stands, tehe :D

Andrea said...

It sounds like a nice Easter was had by all! :-)