Friday, March 20, 2009

Winter Germs!

We have the ever popular Braun ear thermometer in the house. It's the same one that most new moms use. It's easy, quick and painless. To be honest, I've never taken a rectal temperature on my kids because I've never been that worried that their fever was so high I couldn't control it with some motrin or tylenol.

Well normally the silly thermometer registers about 95.6 or 96.6 on the twins' ears. The problem with this thermometer is that the device is so big, it doesn't fit far enough into the ear canal to take an accurate temperature. But since I realize their temps actually run low on this thermometer, if it ever does register above 98.6 I know they've definitely got a fever.

Well yesterday Abby's fever registered at 102 in the morning. And she was not acting herself. She laid around all morning, took a nap on the sofa while grandma and Tom played games and made puzzles right in front of her. She had some motrin in the morning which brought the fever down a bit, but not a whole lot. After her nap it was back up to 102.9, but there are still no other cold/virus type symptoms. Just the fever.

This morning, on sharing day in preschool of all days (every Friday is sharing day and it's the twins' favorite day!) her fever is registering 99.8. So even though it's a far cry from the near 103 yesterday, it's still warm and she'll be staying home from school, much to her disappointment. Tom usually doesn't like to be separated from Abby, but because it's sharing day, he hasn't put up a fuss, in fact I'm sure he's gloating over breakfast right now.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

I hope Abby gets better soon! Samantha seems to be sick too..darn winter germs.

Andrea said...

Is she feeling any better now that it's the end of the day? The boys love "show and tell" day too. Theirs is every Tuesday. And can you believe we are running out of things to show???