Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Night Out That Wasn't...

Saturday was a busy day for me. I packed the twins up around 10AM and took them to see Oma and Papa for the night. They were so excited to spend 2 naps and 1 night at Oma and Papa's. Or as Abby would say "three nights".

After the drop off I went to Berkeley for Jenny's baby shower. As hard as we all tried to squeeze that baby girl's name outta her, none of us will find out baby's name until she's born! I can't wait!

Around 4PM I got a short text from Paul, "Call me when you can." This is really weird for him to text me like that. When I have days where I'm out and about and he know approximately when I'll be home, I NEVER hear from him. I thought maybe he had special plans for dinner and needed to know when I'd be home, but mostly I thought, uh oh, something's wrong with the twins. 45 minutes went by and as I was walking to the car to come home I get a voicemail on my phone. This time there are more details. Tom was driven back to Elk Grove, he is sick. Like pukey sick.

He ended up throwing up three times yesterday. He didn't eat anything past 10AM yesterday, no lunch, no dinner, so when he woke up this morning after sleeping 11 hours he was HUUUUUNGRY! He has eaten a normal breakfast so I think we're in the clear.

Abby was hilarious yesterday. She wanted her "3 nights" at Oma and Papa's, so she went back to Davis with them and will be home for dinner tonight. This is the longest the twins have been away from each other and it's their first night they have spent apart EVER!

Abby called us around 8PM to say goodnight. She sounded pretty sad. Apparently she had been sitting in bed and came out to find Oma and Papa demanding that "this night is taking too long!" So they used that opportunity to call us and say goodnight. Tom and Abby talked to each other a little bit too. I prompted Tom to say "I love you Abby." And she replied back in a soft almost squeaky voice on the verge of tears, "I love you too Tom." And that was about it! I'm curious to see how the rest of the night went.

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Courtney said...

Aww poor kiddos. I hope Abby was able to have some fun, and that Tom is feeling better!!