Saturday, March 14, 2009

The News

Tom and Abby love the evening news. I'm not sure if it's because we keep the TV on for an entire hour and they are mesmerized by the commercials or if the genuinely have an interest in current events. Once 5PM hits Paul and I typically head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. If we even mention the word dinner and the TV is not turned on the twins will pipe up, "Don't you want to watch the news?"

From 5:00-5:30 we have our local news. The highlight of the local news is the weather forecast. They completely understand the graphics of the 5 day forecast and they pay attention intently to the meteorologists phrases so they can repeat them, over and over. "CHANCE OF SHOWERS!" "COLD FRONT MOVING IN!"

At 5:30PM the "man with the tie" comes on, also known in the real world as Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News. They don't pay much attention to most of the nation/world news until they see... "The Obama!" They recognize Barack right away and yell, "The Obama is on TV again!" It didn't occur to us until last weekend that they actually thought the President of the United States was a fictional character. Abby REALLY enjoys watching The Obama on TV and last weekend I joked that she should marry The Obama if she loves him so much. She laughed and squealed and said, "I can't marry him, he's not REAL!"

We had to explain that sometimes the people on TV are real. Then we busted out the local PBS special that featured Daddy and the whole family 3 years ago. So now they realize even they have been on TV and they are certainly real!


Tamiko said...

That's too cute! Thanks for keeping your blog updated so regularly and giving us glimpses into the Telford family. :) I can really see Tom and Abby developing their own little personalities.

Anonymous said...

I like NBC Universal. Normally I don't do the nightly news, although it's good, too. See, I like The Chuck, the mellow, fearless, guy with the goatee on MSNBC, Chuck Todd.

Give it a whirl sometime. Maybe your daughter'll start crushing on The Chuck.