Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Lost Ribbon

The day Tom and Abby were born, their Godfather drove up the coast of California to meet them for the first time. With him, he brought two bears, "Yellow Bear" and "Brown Bear". One was meant for each baby, but over the years Tom grew fond of both and acquired them into his crib. He is especially fond of Brown Bear and around 4 months old, Tom started using Brown Bear's red satin ribbon to sooth himself to sleep. Tom would rub his index finger and thumb back and forth, clasping the red ribbon between them and he'd make this motor type sound at the same time. It was this "aaaahhhh" sound but more throaty, like a car motor.

Anyway, this self soothing technique continued for the next two years. We noticed at 2.5 years old when the twins were moved out of their cribs and into twin beds, the motor sound suddenly stopped. That didn't mean he wasn't still rubbing the ribbon between his fingers as he fell asleep, because he was! Every nap time and every bedtime Tom had his Brown Bear with trusty (dusty) ribbon around his neck. Eventually ribbon got separated from Brown Bear and Tom started to call him "Snaky." Now every nap time and every bed time we had to find Brown Bear, Yellow Bear and Snaky.

Snaky was sometimes hard to find as he is much smaller than a stuffed bear! Tom also liked to bring Snaky wherever he was playing that day as well. Snaky came to breakfast, Snaky got balled up and shoved into all sorts of plastic vehicles like monster trucks and garbage trucks and construction vehicles. A few times I even found Snaky hidden in a sock Tom was wearing or down a pant leg. But not a day went by where we didn't know where Snaky was.

Well, Tom is almost 4.5 years old and I'm sad to report after a 4 year relationship, Snaky has been missing for over a week. He's just GONE. It's not often we have a lost toy in this house. I'm super ridiculously organized when it comes to the twins' toys. I have specific bins for specific groups of toys and if something goes missing, it probably got eaten up by our couch. That's when I send Paul in to go fishing for it. But Snaky has not turned up in over a week. I think he is lost forever. I turned this house upside down looking for him. I checked every box, every bin, under every cushion. I took apart every bed, shook out the sheets, checked inside all zippers and pockets of various items.

After seeing the world with us, Snaky is nowhere to be found. Snaky accompanied Tom to Scotland and back, to Canada and back, to Washington DC and back, to Mexico and back, up and down the coast of California and back. And it seems we have lost him in our very own home.

All things considered, Tom is doing reasonably well. There have been no tears shed over Snaky's loss, however I know he would be more than delighted to have Snaky back. DO NOT BE FOOLED! This is not a plea for a replacement Snaky!! Our stuffed animal to child ratio is something ridiculous like 40:1 in this house. Also we technically have a replacement Snaky you know. It's still neatly factory tied around Yellow Bear's neck. Tom will have none of it because it's not Brown Bear's ribbon.

Below is the last known photo of Snaky taken on March 1. You can see him there on the kitchen table, lying between his two loves, Tom and Brown Bear.

RIP little red ribbon. Wherever you are.


I've been thinking about writing this entry since we lost ribbon 7 days ago. Well today Tom woke from his nap soaking wet. In throwing the sheets into the washing machine, guess who I found? Oh yeah... Ribbon is back!


Tamiko said...

Aw! I'm glad Snaky is back! I was getting sad thinking about how he (it?) was missing, especially when you wrote out how many places Tom has taken Snaky! (And, it must be a relief to know that you really are that organized!) :)

MamaLlama said...

I think Snaky wanted this historical biography recorded and then Ta-Da, he miraculously reappeared.

baby safety gadgets said...

Good thing, snaky did come back..:)